Ghost Rider Is Fortnite’s Next Marvel Hero In Knockout Super Series


Fortnite is teasing the arrival of Marvel’s Ghost Rider, who will be the featured character in the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament.

The second Marvel Knockout Super Series skin has been teased by Fortnite, and the next Marvel hero to join the game’s roster will be Ghost Rider. Marvel’s iconic bad boy will be blazing into Fortnite after the second round of the Marvel Knockout Super Series, and maybe Ghost Rider will bring his sweet motorcycle along for a ride.

In early October, Fortnite announced a new series of tournaments called the Marvel Knockout Super Series where players would compete in the Marvel Knockout mode. This mode takes away players’ guns and fills their inventory with superpowers. The first tournament in the series featured Marvel’s Daredevil, and players who placed among the top teams were gifted the Daredevil skin before it hit the item shop. With less than a month to go before the Marvel Knockout Super Series finals, Fortnite has begun to tease the hero featured in the next round.

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Fortnite tweeted a promo image for the upcoming Marvel Knockout Super Series round 2 featuring a semi-silhouette of the hero in question. The caption accompanying the photo is two emojis: a skull and a flame. These icons obviously represent the flaming skull Ghost Rider sports for a head. But the silhouette is also light enough for players to clearly see Fortnite’s take on Marvel’s antihero.

Sporting a leather jacket with large metal spikes, a spikey belt with an oversized belt buckle, and glowing orange eyes sunken into his eye sockets… Ghost Rider looks really cool. As with Daredevil, Ghost Rider will likely receive his own glider, back bling, and pickaxe. His iconic chain whip would make a great pickaxe, and nothing would be cooler than Ghost Rider descending from the Battle Bus on top of his super-cool motorcycle. As previously leaked, Ghost Rider will also have his own superpower in-game which has yet to be revealed.

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