Jackson Michie Says He No Longer ‘Recognizes’ His Big Brother 21 Self


Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie opened up on social media about how he no longer recognizes the person that he was during BB21.

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie opened up on social media about how he no longer recognizes the person that he was during BB21. Most fans can agree that season 21 was pretty disheartening to watch. There was quite a lot of bullying and gaslighting going around, and while that is pretty standard for Big Brother, it all felt particularly heavy and problematic on BB21. In fairness, it wasn’t just Jackson that made all the mistakes during that season, but he was certainly the target of a lot of criticism. In the end, the fans voted for Nicole Anthony to win America’s Favorite Houseguest, and it felt like a direct attack on Jackson’s gameplay and alliance members.

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Even a year after Big Brother 21 ended, there are still repercussions that these castmates are having to deal with. For one, the rivalry between Kat Dunn and Holly Allen is still a real thing. After coming back to compete on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, Nicole Anthony also made the shocking revelation that she actively ignored certain videos sent by her BB21 co-star Kemi Fakunle showing the racist behavior that she had to deal with on the show. The worst of it also took place during the summer of 2020, when a group chat between the Big Brother 21 castmates leaked online and exposed various comments that were considered racist.

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On Monday, November 2, BB21 winner Jackson Michie took to Instagram to talk about his experience on the show now that he’s had a year to rethink things. In an Instagram post (seen below) that includes a job opportunity and a few videos, Jackson shared his plan to drive across the United States and hire someone to document that journey. In the videos included in the post, Jackson mentioned that he has been doing “a lot of things behind the scenes to work on” himself, and how he’s trying to be more self-aware about his past and current behavior. Ultimately, Jackson said that he’s now ready to reintroduce himself to the public as a different person. “The person I see when I watch Big Brother back is not anyone I recognize anymore, and that’s a good thing. There’s a lot that was going on in my life that no one knows about,” he said.

Jackson Michie also took the time to reflect on how the fans only know the man that they watched on Big Brother 21, but not who he was before or after the show. He specifically said, “This country has only seen a hundred days of me, and there’s 25 years of me.” The project that Jackson is working on remains unclear, but it seems to be about self-reflection and traveling across the country. The fans should stay tuned for more information.

It’s hard to identify which changes Jackson Michie has been making after Big Brother. But it’s definitely a good sign that he’s taking accountability for certain things that were said and done on the show.

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Sources: Jackson Michie’s Instagram

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