MagSafe Won’t Charge iPhone 12 mini As Quickly As Other iPhone 12 Models


Apple boasted about iPhone 12 doubling Qi charging power with MagSafe, but a new support page notes the iPhone 12 mini is slower than other models.

Apple’s iPhone 12 mini doesn’t charge as fast when using MagSafe as other iPhone 12 models. This information was not available until recently and can’t be found on Apple’s main iPhone webpage. Neither the iPhone 12 shopping page nor the MagSafe shopping page disclose the details either, making the information a little harder to find before investing in Apple’s smaller iPhone 12.

Apple recently wowed fans with the announcement of four new models of the leading U.S. smartphone. Ranging in size from the giant 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max to the tiny 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, they all feature a new flat edge design and a super fast processor. The upgraded cameras also add value, as well as help to put Apple back in the race for best smartphone camera. The iPhone 12 mini is the smallest full-featured smartphone on the market, with even the iPhone SE being a larger device overall.

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Apple boasts that its MagSafe wireless charger is twice as fast as Qi charging on the iPhone 12, supplying as much as 15 watts of power. However, Apple forgot to mention that the iPhone 12 mini has a maximum MagSafe charging rate of 12 watts. This tidbit was hidden away on a recently updated MagSafe charging Apple Support page. No explanation has been given for the discrepancy between the iPhone 12 mini and the larger models.

Was Apple Telling The Truth About MagSafe?


Apple carefully inserts the words ‘up to’ when referring to charging speeds and power supplied. This means Apple didn’t lie about the charging speed, but simply omitted to mention loudly that the iPhone 12 mini has a lower MagSafe charging rate. To be fair, 12 watts is still faster than the 7.5 watts available via Qi wireless charging. There has also been one unverified report that MagSafe only reaches the maximum charge rate when paired with Apple’s new 20-watt wall adapter. For some, these reports might mean the magic of MagSafe charging has lost some of its sheen. Ultimately, for the fastest charging, plugging a cable into any model of iPhone 12 will be a better option than any wireless charger, MagSafe or otherwise.

Apple makes very good hardware, well-integrated software and services, among the best in the world. However, it is still a business looking to sell products. It’s important to bear this in mind when shopping, along with the old ‘buyer beware’ phrase. That said, the iPhone 12 mini is still a fantastic phone and highly recommended for anyone seeking a smaller, top tier solution, and MagSafe charging at 12 watts should not really be a deal-breaker for most.

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