Xbox Series X Has One Major Advantage Over PS5, Developer Explains


As the release of the Xbox Series X grows closer, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage discusses a major technological advantage of the console.

David Cage, the founder and CEO of developer Quantic Dream, believes that the Xbox Series X‘s shader cores may be an overlooked but major advantage over the PlayStation 5. Quantic Dream has made a name for itself by developing intense adventure games, such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, that put a heavy emphasis on interactive storytelling and player choice. David Cage has written and directed all of Quantic Dream’s major releases.

As the launch of gaming’s next generation of consoles rapidly approaches, excitement for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 has reached a new peak. A recent report broke down console preference country-by-country, based on online sales percentages. While the study found that many countries prefer the PlayStation 5, including America and most of Europe, there was no overwhelming majority in either case. Now, early looks at both consoles also allow for direct side-by-side unboxings and comparisons, which may help sway those that are still undecided. The Xbox Series X’s relatively small size and simple shape, for example, has been lauded by those who are unimpressed by the PS5’s size and design.

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Wccftech now reports that David Cage mentioned the Xbox Series X’s shader cores as a major advantage over the PlayStation 5 in a recent interview. Cage explained that the shader cores are very suitable for machine learning, which could allow Microsoft to implement an artificial intelligence capable of in-game rendering. This process was compared to Nvidia’s DLSS system, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, which allows an AI system to construct high-resolution images from a small amount of pixels. The shader cores’ high capacity for machine learning could also allow the development of more advanced AI systems and more lifelike animations.


As the classic struggle between PlayStation and Xbox enters the next generation, many gamers are torn over which console is right for them. A breakdown of the two consoles’ advantages suggests that the PlayStation 5 has more exclusive launch titles, but the Xbox Series X itself may be more powerful in certain areas. The Xbox Series X possesses a more powerful graphics processing unit, while the PS5 has a faster solid-state drive. The Xbox Series X and the physical disc version of the PS5 will also sell for the same price, both there will also be cheaper version of each console available with certain key differences. While a ton of praise has been heaped upon the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller, the Xbox Series X’s new controller also appears to be a nice improvement over its predecessors.

Next-gen consoles will be launching this month, and many are still torn between Microsoft and Sony. With advantages and disadvantages to both next-gen consoles, the choice will likely come down to personal preference for many gamers. However, David Cage’s explanation of the Xbox Series X‘s shader cores, and the potential that they possess for future games, may sway some towards that side of the board. Advanced rendering technology and enhanced animations does sound very next-gen, and it is likely that Microsoft will take full advantage of that technological leap.

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Xbox Series X will release on November 10.

Source: Wccftech

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