5 Reasons To Root For New Housewife Elizabeth Vargas (5 She Shouldn’t Be Asked Back)


The Real Housewives franchise often has a new cast member when a season premieres, and season 15 of the Real Housewives of Orange County has introduced fans to Elizabeth Vargas. A bubbly blonde who lives in an enviable house in Newport Beach, Elizabeth has gotten people talking.

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There has already been a lot going on this season, with Braunwyn Windham-Burke discussing her alcoholism, and it will be interesting to see how Elizabeth deals with the friend group as more episodes air. Was she a good pick for this cast, or should she be a one-season housewife?

10 Root For: She Legitimately Hates Drama

elizabeth lyn vargas


Former RHOC cast member Vicki Gunvalson had many arguments and she’s not the only one, as many friendships break up in seemingly every episode of this Bravo franchise.

Elizabeth Vargas is a new cast member to root for as she legitimately seems to hate drama. In the third episode of season 15, “The Splash Heard Round the OC,” Shannon Beador throws a party at her new house and Elizabeth is genuinely shocked by the drama. There are enough people on the show who get involved in each other’s business, so it’s nice to see someone hanging back a bit.

9 Shouldn’t Come Back: Will She Mesh With The Group?

elizabeth vargas

On the other hand, if Elizabeth doesn’t end up meshing with the friend group, it might not be a good idea to ask her back for season 16. Perhaps Elizabeth could be a “friend” of RHOC if that’s the case.

While it’s cool to see someone who doesn’t want to argue over petty things, fans want to see a housewife try to break up a fight. And if they end up getting involved as a result, all the better. Viewers are used to cast members who care about having their opinions heard. It’s possible that Elizabeth and Kelly are friends but she won’t really gel with everyone else.

8 Root For: Her Divorce Is Interesting

real housewives of orange county braunwyn and elizabeth

Some Real Housewife marriages break up and in Elizabeth’s case, she started season 15 while in the process of divorcing her husband of 20 years, Bernt Bodal.

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Elizabeth is a great person to root for as her divorce is super fascinating. She shares on the show that she didn’t want to be a trophy wife and that she felt like she lost herself in the marriage. That’s not only inspiring but also something many women have experienced themselves.

7 Shouldn’t Come Back: Will She Have Good Post-Divorce Storylines?

real housewives of orange county elizabeth vargas and emily simpson

While it’s interesting to watch Elizabeth create her own life away from her ex-husband, will she have good storylines on RHOC after that is over?

The other women on the show have gone through divorces and emerged with other storylines. Shannon, for instance, was honest about how tough it was to go through her custody battle, and since then, she has moved, fallen in love, and started her own business. Kelly has also gotten engaged again and she’s been busy raising her daughter.

6 Root For: She’s Fun And Funny

Fans need to think that a cast member on this Bravo franchise have a good personality, and Elizabeth does.

She’s a fun person, the kind who shows up at a party declaring that she wants to have a good time, and that’s something that RHOC desperately needs now that Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are long gone. Those two were always up for a party, especially when hanging out with Shannon and becoming the “Three Amigos.”

5 Shouldn’t Come Back: Her Biggest Storyline Won’t Last Forever

real housewives of orange county elizabeth and jimmy

Some of the scenes on RHOC that fans remember are the amazing and drama-filled vacations that the cast members take. But in Elizabeth’s case, she didn’t need to go on a trip with the other ladies in order to bring some drama to the table.

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While she doesn’t stir up fights, she has a season 15 storyline that got the others interested in her personal life. Elizabeth has a serious boyfriend, Jimmy, and she explained that they haven’t slept together yet, as he wanted to wait until her divorce was final. He felt that was the right thing to do. The others have been totally confused by this. If this is Elizabeth’s biggest storyline, it won’t last forever, as this can’t be a focal point of season 16. What will her other storylines be?

4 R00t For: She Could Be A Voice Of Reason

real housewives of orange county elizabeth and kelly

Cast members are sometimes pals prior to reality TV and Elizabeth Vargas and Kelly Dodd were hanging out before Elizabeth was brought onto RHOC.

While Kelly isn’t always the best cast member, as she doesn’t seem to think before she speaks and has insulted everyone on the series, Elizabeth is the total opposite. She could be a voice of reason on the show, as in the third episode of season 15, she thinks that Shannon and Braunwyn should tell each other how they feel.

3 Shouldn’t Come Back: Will She Stand Up To Kelly?

real housewives of orange county kelly elizabeth gina and shannon

While it seems like Elizabeth and Kelly are good friends and have been for a while, does that mean that Elizabeth has never seen Kelly behave badly? Has she heard Kelly talk about the fights that she’s gotten into with the other women?

It would be great to see Elizabeth stand up to Kelly at some point on the show, as Kelly has a tendency to really hurt people’s feelings. This seems necessary and maybe since she’s Kelly’s good pal, Kelly would listen.

2 Root For: She’s A Businesswoman

real housewives of orange county elizabeth vargas

Elizabeth was the CEO of a music company and now has a business, Vargas Vodka, according to Bustle.

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Fans can root for Elizabeth as she’s a businesswoman, and it’s always fun to watch how someone runs their business. While there’s no guarantee that this would be part of her future storylines, of course, it’s definitely possible as this is important to her.

1 Shouldn’t Come Back: Is Her Place On The Show Original?

Tamra Judge

Tamra’s lines made people laugh but this former cast member also went through a tough, messy divorce and has still felt those lasting effects. She was open on the show about not getting along with her ex and not being able to see her children.

Because Tamra’s divorce journey was documented on RHOC, is Elizabeth’s place on the show original? While she’s a great person and would be a good friend to anyone on the show, fans might need to get to know her better before deciding how they feel about her staying or going.

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