Among Us Is Adding A New Free Map That’s Bigger Than Polus


The Among Us developers will be introducing a new map, bigger than Polus and free to all players. It’s going to take inspiration from Henry Stickmin.

Among Us is set to see the addition of a brand new map even larger than Polus, which currently holds the record for biggest map in the game. The prominent social deduction game went from a virtual unknown at its launch in 2018 to a massive cultural phenomenon, so significant that it’s even been picked up by elected officials like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who streamed the game for voter awareness last month.

Among Us is a truly unique game. It casts players as a crew of spacemen, tasked with defeating a sinister menace that lurks in their midst, perfectly disguised as one of them. It calls to mind horror movies like The Thing, but this grim theme is belied by the game’s cutesy graphics. The player characters are adorable little bean shaped astronauts, and players can dress them up in fun little hats and other accessories. One map that does help sell the premise is Polus, the game’s biggest map. This map takes place in a planetary base with a distinctive name, and the wintery weather is a significant help in reminding players of John Carpenter’s dreadful horror mystery, even if the graphics don’t sell the horror at all.

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As announced in a recent devlog update on, a new map is on the way, the first to be added to the game since Polus was introduced on November 12, 2019. The primary goal of the devlog was to discuss the game’s newest anti-hacking measures, most notably an account system that should be introduced soon. But the developer also took the time to mention a brand new map which is shaping up to be even bigger than Polus. Innersloth mentions that the map will be themed after The Henry Stickmin Collection, a series of choose your own adventure games that serve as Innersloth’s other prominent product. No release date has been issued for the map, but the devlog assures fans that the team is hard at work. Furthermore, this map will be available to all players, free of charge.

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The team behind Among Us consists of only three people, so updates are certainly not something that can be effectively and swiftly distributed. It’s good to see that the tiny team has such a vested interest in keeping the game moving and providing content updates, even with such limited means. It’s especially impressive since the team is also hard at work addressing the aforementioned hacking issue.

It’s not common for a game to achieve such a meteoric rise in fame and prominence. It’s even growing to rival Pokemon GO at the height of its power in 2016. The bigger an online game like this becomes, the louder and more insistent its fanbase gets. It’s important to remember that the team is doing all that it can to keep the game up and running, and hopefully this new map announcement will help tide fans over for the future of Among Us.

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