Choose A Band Name From Eric Andre’s Epic List


He’s best known as the titular host of The Eric Andre Show, and the comedian has also put together a hilarious list of over 300 band names.

Just for fun, comedian Eric Andre has put together a list of band names for new groups to pick from. While he has appeared in the likes of 2019’s The Lion King remake and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, Eric Andre is best known for his surreal Adult Swim series The Eric Andre Show. This takes the form of a late-night talk show gone nightmarishly wrong and is fronted by the incredibly awkward Andre and his co-host Hannibal Buress.

The Eric Andre Show has become a cult favorite since its 2012 debut for its outlandish sketches and some skin-crawlingly awkward celebrity interviews with guests like Seth Rogan, Ryan Phillippe, Krysten Ritter and many, many more. Eric Andre would cite Adult Swim’s own Space Ghost Coast To Coast as an inspiration on his own series, in addition to Martin Short character Jiminy Glick. Following the end of the fourth season, it took over four years for The Eric Andre Show to return, with the new series airing in October 2020.

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From his show it’s clear Eric Andre excels at the art of cringe comedy and absurdist humor. In 2013 he also created the website – which is exactly what it sounds like. Andre’s own description details that he just likes to think up band names and if readers are starting a band, they’re free to pull from his list of over 300 suitably bizarre monikers; before clicking the link its good to note some of these band names are on the sweary side.

Zach Braff in Scrubs


It’s pretty much an endless sea of hilariously strange names, with some of the milder suggestions including “Zach Braff’s Blog,” “The Bad Ideas,” “Serretonin Machine Gun,” “Paul Reiser Mullet,” “Lou Dustin Diamond Phillips” and “World War Nü.” Eric Andre himself would later appear as a guest on the talk show Between The Sheets With Josh Macuga where he read out some of his favorite band names from his own list, including “Rob Zombie’s Parents,” Mellow Apocalypse,” “Dork Rage,” “Neurotic Massage,” “Wu-Tang Adjacent,” “Dad Jazz” and “Alien Vs Predator Vs Brown Vs The Board Of Education.”

The Eric Andre band names list goes on and on, though sadly there seems to be a lack of bands who actually picked out names from his generous list. The Eric Andre Show fans were sad to learn Hannibal Buress left the series during season 5 because he wanted to move on, but Andre was able to convince him to quit on the show itself so viewers realized there was no behind the scenes falling out.

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