EA Play Games On Xbox Game Pass Can Be Preloaded Now


With the Xbox Series X less than a week from launch, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can preload all the EA Play games they want right now.

With the release of the next generation Xbox console less than a week away, Xbox Game Pass players can prepare themselves by preloading EA Play games right now. The two video game subscription services reached an agreement earlier this year that promised Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers access to EA Play’s vast library, and that deal is bearing fruit very soon.

The announcement of this agreement between the Xbox Game Pass and EA Play subscription services came back in September. The deal supposedly came at no additional cost to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and it will take effect on November 10 for console users, the same day the Xbox Series X launches. PC users will have to wait a little longer to get access, but only by a month. This agreement was yet another Bethesda-sized move by Microsoft to add a large number of games to its library prior to the release of their next generation console.

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A tweet from Tom Warren revealed that Xbox Game Pass subscribers do not have to wait until November 10 to preload their EA Play games, as that function is already available. At present, players may download as many EA Play games as they want, but they will not be given access to them until November 10. Many of the comments to this tweet were positive and filled with excitement, but as expected there were also some questions and concerns raised.

Though it was announced that Ultimate members would receive EA Play at no addition cost, this seems to be a conditional fact based on region. A few comments to Warren’s tweet from gamers based outside of the United States indicated that their subscription price for Xbox Game Pass went up as a result of the EA Play inclusion. The price increases, however, seem minimal at worst as players appear more than willing to accept them in exchange for the sheer number of games that will become available to them.

This addition of EA Play to Xbox Game Pass falls in line with the rest of Microsoft’s marketing strategy for their next console generation, which has revolved around improving their game library. The company has been on a buying spree this year in the hopes of trying to match Sony’s supremacy on the world market. Despite Xbox’s many acquisitions this year, it looks like PlayStation’s global reign over the console gaming market may not budge this generation. when it comes to console gaming. We will have to wait for both consoles to launch and the reaction players have to see the true impact all of these business deals will have on the gaming world.

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Source: Tom Warren

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