Every VHS Tape Location in Visage


In Visage, players need to piece together what happened in and escape a house of horrors. To do this, they will need to find and watch 7 VHS Tapes.

In the new indie horror game Visage, inspired by P.T., players will need to explore a massive, atmospheric house where truly awful and terrifying things have occurred. The player experiences flashes of the events that transpired in the house and must slowly piece together the history and the horrors while trying to stay alive. The player can explore the house in first-person as details are slowly revealed to them. As they explore, they will be haunted and hunted by the ghostly entities of those who were killed or died in the home, and they have no weapons to use in their own defense. At the same time, if they spend too much time in darkness, like in Phasmophobia, their sanity will slowly slip away.

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During and after each chapter of the game, players may notice strange VHS Tapes scattered throughout the house. The videotapes each point to a location where the player can find a piece of the broken mask that will help them escape the house and survive the game. The Tapes become available slowly, often unlocking after the player completes various chapters or parts of chapters in the game. Players can also unlock an achievement for finding and watching all the VHS Tapes. Here’s the location of all the VHS Tapes in Visage.

Every VHS Tape Location in Visage

The player finds the Negligence VHS Tape in Visage


The VHS Tapes are all labeled with certain negative behaviors, feelings, and experiences like Affliction, Indifference, and Prison. They can usually be played on any TV in the house, as they all seem to come equipped with VCRs, so players can go to the nearest one to see what’s on the tape and find the depicted mask piece. The VHS Tapes can be found in the following places:

  • Pride: After completing the Lucy chapter, players will find this tape in the toilet in the second-floor bathroom they awakened in.
  • Negligence: After completing the Dolores chapter, players will find this tape by exiting the second-floor bathroom and entering the parents’ bedroom down the hall to the left of the stairs. It is on the floor in the middle of the room.
  • Affliction: Down the stairs to the main level, players should turn left and go down the hall. They should turn left again before they reach the stairs and then take a right to the living room. Players should check the bookcase to find this tape.
  • Indifference: In the small alcove by the stairs next to the kitchen, in the dresser drawer.
  • Prison: After completing the Rakan chapter, players will find this tape in the middle of the floor in the basement. Players should go down the stairs in the alcove by the kitchen and straight through the door at the bottom to reach it.
  • Addiction: In the basement, not quite to the TV, players will find another dresser with two drawers and a list of the basement rules hanging over it. The Tape is in the bottom drawer.
  • Greed: In the basement storage room to the left of the TV, behind the water heater on a cardboard box.

Each tape will reveal the location of the mask parts, but, to reach them, the player may need to perform some specific actions. For example, to get the mask part from the Addiction tape, they will need to enter the parents’ bedroom and go through the hole in the middle of the room. They’ll need to then sit in the red chair, watch the video that plays, and drink until they find the mask part under the glass. The end of each tape provides the clue to the mask part location.

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Visage is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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