Everything The Guys Sent Home Have Said About Clare On Social Media


Bachelorette Clare is prematurely leaving the show with Dale. These are the things the guys who have already been sent home have said about her.

This season’s Bachelorette has already been one of the most dramatic ever – and we are only a few episodes into the show! We already know that original Bachelorette Clare is leaving with Dale, to be replaced by Tayshia Adams, who was previously a contestant on The Bachelor.

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Before that news broke, however, hairstylist Clare had already said goodbye to a dozen contestants, including Bachelorette “villain” Yosef Aborady. While few members of the Bachelor Nation were sorry to see him go, many of the other contestants have been missed. But have they missed being on the show – and what do they really think about Clare now that they have been ditched?

10 Garin Flowers- The Bachelorette Was An Incredible Experience


We said goodbye to Garin Flowers in week 2, much to the disappointment of many in the Bachelor Nation who had high hopes for him. There were no hard feelings from Garin, however, who only had positive things to say on Instagram about his time on The Bachelorette. It seems to have been a rough year for Garin, as according to his post he went through a bad break-up earlier in 2020 and now finds himself rejected on national TV. Though there are plenty of fans who would say that he dodged a bullet with Clare.

9 Robby Stahl Wished To Spend More Time With Claire

Insurance broker Robby Stahl was among the group of eight guys who missed out on a rose in week one of The Bachelorette, but the Floridian still seems to only have positive memories of his all too brief time on the show. On Instagram, he wrote a touching post about how much he had enjoyed the experience, and how he even wished he had been able to spend more time with Bachelorette Clare. He ended by wishing her all the best, may be a more gracious comment than Clare deserved.

8 Mike Tobin Wants To Know Tayshia Adams’ Shoe Size

Canadian Mike Tobin also failed to secure a rose in week one, but the digital media advisor was already a winner in many people’s eyes for making an impression at their first meeting – by presenting her with a pair of flip flops for her to change into when her feet began to hurt.

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Tobin has clearly continued watching the show, as he reacted to the news that Tayshia Adams is taking over as the Bachelorette with a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post asking if anyone knows her shoe size…

7 Chris Conran- He Clare-ly Was Optimistic

Chris Conran showed off his cheesy but charming sense of humor in an Instagram post ahead of his appearance on the show, with a few well-placed puns based on Bachelorette Clare’s name. Sadly, the landscape designer from Salt Lake City, Utah didn’t make it past week one, but that didn’t stop Bachelor Nation fans from telling him how sorry they were to see him go. Chris was obviously sorry not to have found love as well, but he seems to have already found a potential matchmaker if his Instagram comments are anything to go by.

6 AJ Jalawan Thinks He Was Over The Top Trying To Meet Claire’s Wants and Needs

Another week one departure, AJ Jalawan made it clear that he had fought hard to make a good impression on Clare, with his post-match Instagram post about how he “Simp’d hard” during filming. A rather self-deprecating comment, it shows that AJ realizes that he probably was a bit over the top in trying to meet all of Claire’s wants and needs. Despite the ten year age gap between the two, it seems that AJ wasn’t put off at all by the idea of dating an older woman.

5 Garin Flowers- Kids, That’s NOT How I Met Your Mother

As a professor of journalism, Garin Flowers knows how to work social media, as he proved with this witty tweet to his future kids that this was not how he met their mother.

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A play on the title of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother at least shows that there are no hard feelings on Garin’s side about what many fans feel was a premature elimination. For Garin, Instagram is the place for touchy-feely posts, while Twitter is where you can get a bit creative!

4 Blake Monar- No Hard Feelings Even After Only 2.5 Episodes

Describing himself as a “male grooming specialist”, Blake Monar managed to make it to week two, before missing out at the rose ceremony. He seems to have taken his rejection quite well if his Instagram posts are anything to go by. After posting a brooding modeling shot of himself, he added the comment that he was still looking for a date after 2.5 episodes (Clare ended the cocktail party early after a confrontation with Yosef). Luckily for Blake, there seems to be no shortage of people willing to slide into his DMs.

3 Tyler Cottrill – Station Wagon? Nah?

Lawyer Tyler Cottrill had a lot to live up to as this season’s Tyler C – the original, Tyler Cameron, finished as runner-up and has become a fan favorite – but sadly Cottrill found himself without a rose in week one. He did at least try something new by arriving at their first meeting in a station wagon, though sadly this failed to impress glamorous Clare. Tyler C created a bit of a stir in standing up to bad boy Yosef, and the fans on Instagram are loving his attitude – and Tyler is clearly proud of standing up for Clare.

2 Page Pressly- Don’t Arrive Immediately After Dale

Tattooed Austin chef Page Pressly managed to see the funny side of being eliminated in week one on Instagram. Unfortunately for Page, he had a tough act to follow at the first meeting, as he came just after Dale Moss, the guy that Clare clearly had her eye on right from the start. Page may have only lasted one week, but his unusual hand tattoos certainly got him noticed by the Bachelor Nation, and the Texan even poked fun at the hype around the “soup nuts” tattoos on his knuckles.

1 Mike Tobin- That Was Quick!

A digital media advisor was always going to be able to have some fun with his online presence, and Mike Tobin got creative on Instagram creating his own videos. The first, posted before his only episode aired, showed him transforming from dressed-down Mike into tuxedo Mike, complete with a red rose. After his early elimination, he wittily reversed the video and posted it back on Instagram. It looks like Mike will be much more comfortable in his jeans and lumberjack shirts, even if he didn’t manage to find true love.

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