Man of Steel Image Gives an Early Look at Superman’s Fisherman Disguise


Man of Steel director Zack Snyder uploads a picture showing Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent, aka Superman, dressed in a fisherman disguise.

A new Man of Steel photo shows off Superman’s fisherman disguise. Man of Steel helped kick off the DC Extended Universe, as it introduced Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent, aka Superman, to the world. The film follows Clark as he steps into his role as Superman and protects the planet from the nefarious General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Man of Steel uses a series of flashbacks to showcase Clark’s extraordinary childhood. However, the film opens on Clark’s adult life as he’s aboard a boat. To his credit, Clark does try to keep a low profile and not draw attention to himself. Yet after learning of a distress signal from an oil rig, Clark flies into action and takes his first step towards becoming a hero.

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Director Zack Snyder provides a look at Cavill’s fisherman getup from early on in production. Cavill wears a beanie, a sweater, and a hooded jacket. His eyes are downcast, and he carries a sign that includes his name and boat type. You can check out Snyder’s cool image below:

Henry Cavill Man of Steel


Superman’s fisherman look is far from his only attempt at going incognito. In fact, his most famous disguise is undoubtedly his glasses, which help transform the hero into the mild-mannered Clark Kent. To that end, the glasses have been somewhat ridiculed through the years, as it seems a bit ludicrous that frames are all that’s needed to hide Superman’s identity. Still, the glasses have since become a key part of Clark Kent’s identity. While it may be cheesy, fans everywhere experienced an unmistakable thrill when Cavill’s Superman donned the iconic glasses for the first time.

Although Cavill has been a fantastic Superman, his current status in the DCEU is now up in the air. Cavill is set to return as the Man of Steel in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but his future beyond that remains a mystery. Warner Bros. reportedly has little interest in another solo Superman film and has instead decided to focus on other projects. For now, it looks like Cavill will remain the DCEU’s Superman. However, it’s unclear if and when Clark Kent will return to the big screen once the Snyder Cut has premiered. This is disappointing news for fans to hear; while Man of Steel wasn’t perfect, Cavill has an enormous amount of potential. As such, another standalone Superman film would not only help flesh out the character even further, but allow Cavill to shine as DC’s most famous hero.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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