National Treasure Honest Trailer Compares Cage’s Character To Ross Geller


The new National Treasure Honest Trailer pokes fun at the 2004 adventure movie, even comparing Nic Cage’s character to Ross Geller from Friends.

The new National Treasure Honest Trailer pokes fun at Nicolas Cage’s character by comparing him to Ross Geller from Friends. National Treasure stars Nic Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates, a not-so-subtly named historian. He embarks on a treasure hunt for a stockpile of precious historical artifacts that can only be found via a hidden map on the Declaration of Independence. Aided by his computer expert friend Riley (Justin Bartha) and archivist Dr. Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), Gates successfully steals the Declaration of Independence, whose map sends the three on a quest spanning D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. Released in 2004, the movie earned moderate reviews and scored $347 million at the box office, spawning a franchise that includes a sequel and a planned Disney+ series.

Now, 16 years later, National Treasure has received the Honest Trailer treatment, which sarcastically pokes fun at the movie’s various quirks. In addition to lampooning how often Cage says “Declaration of Independence” in the film, the trailer at one point compares his character to Ross Geller from Friends since both are neurotic yet highly intelligent historians. Watch the National Treasure Honest Trailer below:

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The National Treasure Honest Trailer’s comparison is an apt one considering how Ben Gates and Ross Geller both harbor deep reverence for historical artifacts. Keen Friends viewers can spot various relics adorning Ross’s apartment, including a Ganesha idol and several old figurines. Though Ross would likely be interested in decoding a map on the back of the Declaration, he seems way too risk-averse to commit the federal crime of actually stealing it. Ben Gates was definitely the right guy for the job.

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