Red Dead Online Update Could Improve The Bounty Hunter Role


The next update for Red Dead Online will involve more action and Wild West-style shootouts, perfect for the game’s Bounty Hunter role.

Red Dead Online‘s next update will bring an action-packed punch to players, Rockstar Games shares, as it will significantly expand the game’s Bounty Hunter role. Earlier this year, it seemed as though Rockstar had forgotten about its slowly sinking online multiplayer sandbox – until it hit fans with a huge update that introduced an all-new role: the Naturalist. Since then, the game has seen more regular updates as it tries to suck its playerbase back into the digital frontier.

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 was a critical success upon release, it has since been described as a pretty slow game with many tedious tasks that players get bored of quickly, like traveling by horse everywhere and paging through store catalogues. However, Rockstar meant for the game to be played this way, as it wanted to immerse its players in this world as much as possible by making the world feel like a reality. The game’s online counterpart shares some of the same slowness as the single-player, as the open-world is meant to be explored and each NPC spoken to so that the player can get all the side quests.

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An interview with Rockstar’s design director, Scott Butchard, gave GameStar some insight into what’s coming next in Red Dead Online. Butchard revealed that Rockstar will be taking a more action-oriented approach in it’s next update, and that Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer mode will see some stuff that emphasizes the “wild” in Wild West. Apparently players won’t have to wait long for the update, and Butchard says, “In the coming patch, we’ll be expanding an existing role, which will provide plenty of action-packed shootouts.” It sounds like the best role suited for this expansion is the bounty hunter role, because who else would find themselves tied up in regular gun fights while on the job?

Red dead online bounty hunter shootout


Butchard goes on to say that no role should be overlooked, as each caters to the different preferences and playstyles of different players. When the naturalist role first appeared in Red Dead Online it was met with a less than enthused reception, as players want more action. Since this, more updates have been added to the game, mostly to improve technical issues or comfort, but Rockstar wasn’t about to miss out on the Halloween spirit, adding a big update lately that features a new legendary panther as well as a bunch of Halloween-themed extras and bonuses.

The Red Dead Online community called out for more action in the game, and Rockstar listened, which shows that the developer is still engaged with the game. Butchard explains that feedback from the community is particularly important to him and to Rockstar as it directs where the next update will go. It will be interesting to see if the bounty hunter role is really the role that Rockstar brags will have much more action to it, but the speculation makes sense.

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Source: GameStar

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on  PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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