Super Mario Special Edition Amazon Boxes Being Sent Out Randomly All Month


Amazon and Nintendo are collaborating to give fans a chance at getting a Super Mario Bros. themed box whenever they make online purchases.

Nintendo celebrates the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. in a unique way this year by shipping out themed boxes from the venerable series with Amazon. Along with this latest promotion, Nintendo is celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary with the limited-time game Super Mario 35 on its enormously popular Switch console.

Nintendo’s website also has a special section dedicated to the huge anniversary of its beloved character, which showcases the different Mario products people can purchase to commemorate the ocassion. For more long-term fans, there is a detailed history of the Mario franchise along with some trivia to test their knowledge. There will be also special missions that people can partake in to gain Platinum Points. These points can be used to purchase special virtual rewards like custom wallpapers or coupons.

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Nintendo announced today that it will be partnering with retail giant Amazon to ship purchases out in Super Mario Bros. themed boxes. To qualify to receive one of the special boxes, all one has to do is order products from Amazon. The products do not have to be related to Nintendo, as it is stated that purchasing Nintendo-related products does not increase your chances of receiving the special boxes. These packages are far different from the usual Amazon boxes, being a red package with Super Mario Bros. themed pictures and an Amazon logo slapped onto its side.

Super Mario Battle Royale


While these Super Mario packages are pretty cool, the odds of getting one can be extremely difficult. For starters, Nintendo stated the boxes will be handed out at random, meaning there aren’t any specific ways to increase a person’s odds of getting it. The boxes are also delivered in limited stock. With Amazon being an incredibly large company, this means someone will have to get their box out of the millions of other purchases being made. However, it isn’t explicitly stated how many boxes there are, so there’s no way of knowing how likely any given purchase is to receive one. Lastly, this event only lasts through November, giving everyone only a month to get their premium Super Mario Bros. package. Fans eager to celebrate the virtual plumber’s birthday may want to put their hopes in something other than receiving one of the limited edition Amazon boxes.

Amazon and Nintendo worked together to make an interesting collaboration to not only get people purchasing through Amazon, but also gather more attention to the Mario franchise, not that either company actually needs the publicity. Still, with shopping in-person remaining dangerous due to the ongoing pandemic, Super Mario Bros. fans may want to get some online holiday shopping out of the way now, while there’s still a chance to receive a special edition package.

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