TLOU2’s Abby Face Model Does Ultimate Cosplay Of The Character


Abby’s face model from TLOU2 will make fans do a double take, as she brings her character to the real world for Halloween in the ultimate cosplay.

The face model of Abby Anderson from The Last of Us Part II has delighted fans by cosplaying as her character for Halloween. Abby made her debut in the video game world earlier this year as the second protagonist in Naughty Dog’s epic, The Last of Us Part II. A character torn apart by the events that concluded the first game in the The Last of Us canon, Abby was met with divisive opinions among gamers due to her storyline and her cold, often awkward, mannerisms. As the game progresses through the story however, players are offered a chance to see more of Abby’s side of the story, and the character does meet some redemption by the end of the game for her earlier actions (No spoilers here).

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Abby’s face was modelled on Jocelyn Mettler, a VFX artist from Indiana. While she was not involved in any of the voice acting or the motion capture for her part in The Last of Us Part II (that credit goes to Laura Bailey of Avenger’s and Uncharted fame), the role is obviously one that has played a special part in her life. As such, this Halloween, Jocelyn decided to cosplay as Abby Anderson, much to the delight of her followers.

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Sharing a series of photos on her Instagram, Jocelyn Mettler showed off amazing attention to detail in her costume. Not just relying on her face to do the work for her, Jocelyn can be seen in Abby’s trademark army boots and cargo pants while touting rifles, dumbbells and even a burrito (although no golf club, perhaps wise). Keeping her hair back in an Abby style plait, Jocelyn nails her cosplaying efforts. Even if she were not the face of Abby, there would be no mistaking who her costume for Halloween was inspired by.


Jocelyn Mettler Abby Costume


Jocelyn will not have been the only person to dress as Abby over the Halloween weekend. Naughty Dog released an official Abby cosplay kit as part of its celebrations for The Last of Us Day in September. The cosplay kit was announced on Naughty Dog’s Instagram account, in a post that also included the release of figurines, downloadable content and an upcoming The Last of Us board game.

The Last of Us Part II continues to be a hot topic in the gaming community, with many still hoping for a multiplayer option or a DLC game to be released. Derek Phillips, the actor who portrays Jerry Anderson in the game, recently caught fans attention after he shared a photo of himself in a mo-cap suit on his Twitter feed. This resulted in a lot of speculation from his followers, with many wondering if a DLC based around the father/daughter duo was in the works. The actor was quick to put these ideas to rest, much to the disappointment of many. Given the attention his photo received though, more gameplay from the world of The Last of Us Part II is clearly something that is still sustaining fans’ anticipation, months after the game’s original release.

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The Last of Us Part II is currently available for the PlayStation 4

Source: Jocelyn Mettler/Instagram

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