Why Bachelorette Fans Think Clare Is The Villain Of Her Own Season (Or Is She Just A Victim Of Bad Editing?)


This season on The Bachelorette, the leading lady, Clare, has been accused of being her own villain. But is she just a victim of the editing room?

Clare has been called many names by Bachelor Nation and it has led to her being one of the most hated Bachelorettes in history. And though each season has a clear bad guy, many have accused Clare of being her own villain.

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Though Clare has let her insecurity cloud her judgment on several occasions and has neglected many of the guys while in pursuit of Dale, there have been just as many reports that Clare is just getting a bad edit.

10 The Villain: Jumping The Gun


From the very moment that he stepped out of the limo, Clare has been absolutely enamored by Dale. Though he might be too good to be true, Clare seems to think that he checks every box of her extensively long list of wants and demands, but because of this, she has been neglecting the other guys who are still battling it out to become her fiancée.

In an effort to spend more time with Dale, the bachelorette has been self-sabotaging the show every step of the way.

9 Bad Editing: One to One Conversations

After the hilarious Bachelorette Roast, in which many of the guys proved that they surprisingly had comedy chops, most of the jokes were aimed at Clare’s beloved Dale. As Clare wanted to get to the bottom of the jokes, the edit showed her asking the guys about Dale during the one-to-one times and discussing very little else.

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Clare was blamed for not giving the guys a chance to talk about themselves or their relationship with her, but it has been claimed that the discussion about Dale was all that the producers wanted to show.

8 The Villain: The Kiss With Zach

zach j and clare crawley the bachelorette

Though many believe Clare and Chris may have been right to send him home, the controversy surrounding the (non)kiss with Zach has put Bachelor Nation into two separate camps.

One thing that most of them can agree on though, is that Clare went in for the kiss with the intention of pull away at the last second just so that she could have an excuse to send Zach home.

7 Bad Editing: Cancelling Group Dates

As Clare has gotten a lot of heat in this season for her rash decisions and short temper, fans were no more angry than when she canceled a group date, leaving a lot of guys to speculate what they did wrong.

The editing made Clare look like the villain for the decision, but many other Bachelorettes and Bachelors have canceled group dates in previous seasons without ever getting as much backlash. And though the guys looked hard done by, it barely seemed like they cared in the first place.

6 The Villain: Playing The Victim

Whether it’s retaliating to negative criticism about the dodgeball game or the way she handled the kiss with Zach, Clare is constantly playing the victim every chance she gets.

Even when she was spending all of her time with Dale, laying on her bed with him for 40 minutes when she was supposed to be having one-to-ones with the other guys, she blamed the guys for not fighting over her, which rubbed fans of the show the wrong way.

5 Bad Editing: The Limo Order

Dale kissing Clare on the first night on The bachelorette

One of the biggest moments of the season happened in the first few minutes of the first episode, which is when Dale climbed out of the limo and Clare fell in love instantly. After Dale greeted her and walked into the house, Clare said that she thinks she just met her husband.

This seemed terrible to the viewers, as she hadn’t even finished meeting every man. However, producers may have mixed up the order in editing.

4 The Villain: No Respect For The Guys

Zach Johnson Bachelorette

With Clare’s infatuation with Dale, she has completely neglected all of the other guys, and though the guys seem to be getting along swimmingly and becoming best friends, the bachelorette is beginning to lose their intention entirely.

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Clare is even kissing Dale in front of the other contestants, almost rubbing it in their faces. The guys have put their lives on hold and are willing to propose to her within just a couple of months, but Clare doesn’t give any of her time in return.

3 Bad Editing: Rushing Through Dates

At the time that Dale kept sneaking into Clare’s room to make out with her in between her one-to-one chats with the other guys, Clare can be heard telling the producers to rush through the rest of the guys who haven’t had one on one time yet. It further proved that Clare was neglecting them.

However, the date nights reportedly go on all night long and can be exhausting. It’s not hard to believe that she was just tired and it’s likely that every other Bachelorette in the show’s history has said it at one point or another, it just hasn’t fit the narrative until now.

2 The Villain: That Dodgeball Date

As Clare keeps saying that she wants the guys to “man up” and show that they’ve “got balls,” the bachelorette set up a game of dodgeball for the guys to prove whose the manliest, but the losers had to strip down naked.

It caused a lot of controversies and fans called Clare out for double standards, citing that the guys felt uncomfortable.

1 Bad Editing: Making Way For The New Bachelorette

It has been announced that Clare has left the show, but her ex-fiancée has even said that it wasn’t her decision to leave. Rumors abound that Clare was forced out after they saw that very few of the guys liked her. But some believe that the replacement was even more premeditated.

It isn’t exactly clear for how long the producers were planning to replace Clare, but fans noticed that most of the guys were suspiciously younger than her, leading many to think that it was the producers’ plan to replace Clare from the very beginning.

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