10 Unanswered Questions That Need To Be Answered In Season 3


Fans wait in anticipation for season 3 of The Boys and with all the events of season 2, there are many questions that fans demand answers to.

It would be impossible to list the most popular and relevant television shows that are on right now without mentioning the enigma that is The Boys. From its very first season, The Boys has managed to grip the attention of viewers all over the globe with its unique setting, interesting parallels with real-world events, amazing cast of characters, and brilliant story that keep people hooked from the get-go.

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Of course, season 1 was just the start — the show picked up even more with season 2, even though many people weren’t big fans of the weekly release schedule. Regardless, season 2 was still a massive hit, leading to an even greater level of hype for the show. Simultaneously, it’s posed several new questions that definitely need to be answered by the time season 3 comes out.

10 Is Homelander Really Going To Lay Low For The Entire Season?

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys


After the events of the season 2 finale, it’s pretty apparent that Homelander has lost control of things, and his “statement” at the end of the episode was nothing more than a way for him to pretend that everything was still going according to his wishes.

So, one must wonder — is that video really all that incriminating that Homelander would actually be willing to step down from his throne and stop doing what he wants?

9 Will Ryan End Up Killing Homelander?

The Boys Homelander son Ryan

If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that Ryan is certainly going to be the superhero that can finally stand up to Homelander and put him in his place.

That being said, will relations and communication break down to such an extent that the only thing left for Ryan to do is to kill Homelander? The setup for this is certainly quite intriguing, and one can’t help but see what’s in store for the All-American Hero and his son.

8 How Is Butcher Going To Be As A Father?

The Boys Season 2: The Finale's Biggest Unanswered Questions Ryan Butcher

Speaking of Ryan, one can’t help but mention the fact that Butcher is now pretty much forced to be a father. So, how will Billy fare in this position?

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He did display a stubborn level of hatred for all Supes, but this would’ve certainly changed after Becca’s last words. Perhaps he might actually bond with Ryan after all.

7 Who Are The New Members Of The Seven Going To Be?

The Boys: What The Seven's Real Names Are cast

The Seven has pretty much been reduced to The Five now, forcing one to wonder who the other two replacements are going to be.

The fact that there are two spots open could certainly make for some interesting character introductions, and one can only hope that things truly spice up over the course of season 3 when it comes to The Seven’s dynamic.

6 Will Black Noir Ever Speak A Single Word?

Black Noir in The Boys Season 2

Speaking of The Seven, one can’t help but mention the most mysterious member of this elite superhero group, even though he contributes to some hilarious moments, as well.

Black Noir has never spoken a single word throughout the show, which would definitely make the reveal of his true personality one of the biggest moments in The Boys if he even manages to get over the damage caused by his nut allergy.

5 What’s Next For The Deep?

The Boys The Deep

Another person affiliated with The Seven is The Deep, who has pretty much been forced into a sabbatical and obscurity due to his actions.

After his return back into The Seven was spoiled, one can’t help but wonder what’s next for the aquarian superhero. Will he mend his ways, still seek out glory, or just fade out altogether?

4 How Will The Church Of The Collective Function Now?

Goran Visnjic as Alastair Adana Church of the Collective The Boys

The Deep worked closely with the Church of the Collective in order to secure his reentry back into The Seven, only for that position to be given to A-Train instead. It seems that Alastair Adana faced the karma of his actions, though, after bad-mouthing Vought a bit too much.

Now, with the loss of their leader, one must wonder whether the Church will be able to move forward or not. Will they disappear from the story or come back with a resounding statement?

3 What Role Will Victoria Neuman Play Going Forward?

The Boys Season 2 Finale Victoria Neuman Revealed As Supe

Speaking of Alastair’s head exploding, it goes without saying that the perpetrator of this crime would also play a major role going forward, but what will this role exactly be?

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The most obvious deduction one can make is that Neuman is working for Vought and Stan Edgar, but nothing is confirmed unless it takes place on-screen. And speaking of Stad Edgar, there’s one thing about him that is pretty up in the air too …

2 How Will Stan Edgar Turn Things Around For Vought?

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar in The Boys

Vought has been involved in several scandals in the world of The Boys, to the point where it’s pretty clear that their reputation is down in the dumps. However, there’s a man who can definitely turn things around — Stan Edgar.

While this is certainly up in the air, there’s no denying the fact that Stan Edgar is bound to play a major role in season 3. He didn’t have a ton of screen time in season 2, but Giancarlo Esposito still captivated audiences with his magical performance in his limited time, nonetheless.

1 What’s Next For The Boys?

Of course, it would be impossible to speculate about season 3 without pondering the fate of the titular group that is causing all sorts of problems for Vought and The Seven.

Butcher and his ragtag group have ended up being a major thorn in Vought’s side, but it almost seems like their work was done with the end of season 2. Until the next season rolls out, what their next task will be — if there even is one — will remain a mystery.

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