Craig Conover Is Opening Up About New ‘Mystery Woman’


Southern Charm fans were excited to discover that Craig Conover has a new love in his life. He is opening up about the “mystery woman.”

Fans of Southern Charm have just learned that Craig Conover is finally opening up about his new “mystery woman.” After living the bachelor lifestyle following his split from Naomi Olindo, he’s back in the dating game.

Southern Charm viewers know that Delaware native Craig Conover became a Bravo household name for being very lackadaisical when it came to acting like an adult. Because of his Peter Pan attitude, he became the butt of many jokes from his fellow cast members. One example of that attitude was his lack of commitment to a career in the legal field. Conover first joined the cast as an aspiring lawyer and seemed excited about working hard, with his then-girlfriend Naomi Olindo by his side. However, soon enough, the Southern Charm star’s true passion for sewing surfaced, losing him the respect of his friends and his girlfriend.

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It’s been three years since Conover and Olindo called it quits and the reality star is finally moving on. Southern Charm season 7 has started, and Craig is going to show fans his Romeo side. Craig Conover began his new relationship during the coronavirus pandemic, and it is still going strong. Conover confirmed on The Daily Dish that he met his new girl up in Aspen. The Bravo personality revealed that the mystery woman and himself were just friends. During the lockdown, the two had started to get to know each other better by chatting. The flirting took place over Instagram and via text messages, following the January meetup. The reality star also revealed that since South Carolina was one of the first states to start to reopen, that his mystery girl decided to relocate in order to be closer to him. Originally, she had been living in Florida, but she now resides in Conover’s Charleston home. The TV star even divulged that the new couple was allowed to quarantine together. He said, “We just got to enjoy ourselves.” Conover did hint that there may currently be trouble in Southern Charm paradise, since quarantine has ended. According to Craig, they must now be apart sometimes and they are “dealing with regular stuff.” Six days ago, Craig was definitely out and about, as seen in his Instagram post below:

Craig Conover went on to say that “learning how to be out of quarantine with each other has been the challenge. But what you don’t realize is we were in the honeymoon phase in a bubble, protected from the outside world.” 

It does not look like fans will be able to meet the new love of his life during Southern Charm season 7. However, fans will enjoy watching Craig venture out on multiple dates. The HSN star’s new woman is not a fan of reality TV cameras, so as of now, she will not be making an appearance. Even though Conover would have liked to share his new relationship with the world, he understands that she doesn’t want to be on TV.

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Southern Charm airs Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo.

Source: The Daily Dish, Craig Conover/Instagram

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