Minecraft Snapshot Gives A First Look At Caves & Cliffs Updates


Mojang releases a Caves & Cliffs snapshot for Minecraft Java Edition containing some of the features and new mechanics included in the update.

Minecraft players can have a first proper look at multiple new features included in the Caves & Cliffs update thanks to a recently released snapshot for the Java Edition. The test client comes shortly after the community was treated to an early representation of mischievous goats and powder snow, also included in the upcoming update, via a Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta release.

Goats are among the few brand new mobs that will be added to Minecraft with the Caves & Cliffs update. These offensive animals tend to ram other beings they encounter, and given the fact that their habitat essentially covers mountainous areas, incautious players can experience freefalls from dangerous heights if they take a hit from goats. Powder snow is another new addition, which basically endues blocks of snow with behavior that of cobwebs allowing entities such as players and mobs to sink through it.

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According to the official blog post by Mojang, the list of features included in the 20w45a snapshot is pretty impressive, although it doesn’t cover all the novelties that the Caves & Cliffs update is about to add to Minecraft. Perhaps, the most enticing addition is the introduction of bundles – specialized items that are used to carry and store other items. These are not proper backpacks, unfortunately, as their internal space is limited to a single stack, although it could be any combination of items. For instance, a bundle can contain 32 blocks of stone, 16 blocks of iron ore, and 4 ender pearls – or 64 different individual blocks. Apart from that, the 20w45a snapshot contains amethyst blocks spawning in clusters, new candle decorative items, blocks of copper (and, obviously, copper ore along with craftable recipes), and last but not least, spyglass and tinted glass, both of which require extremely rare amethyst shards. Players should be aware that the snapshot can potentially corrupt their save games, therefore it’s highly recommended to back up the files.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w45a


While Minecraft Java Edition has always been a generally separate experience with greater creative freedom and the ability to take advantage of installing user-created modifications, it has recently undergone a unification process. Soon, the game will also require a Microsoft account to launch and log in for existing owners, which will bring it closer to the family of Minecraft products. With that in mind, Java Edition remains an independent game unlike Bedrock Edition, which is available on literally every imaginable gaming platform with cross-play support but is limited to officially offered additional content via Microsoft Store.

With the latest snapshot, Minecraft players will get a proper taste of what’s to come with the anticipated Caves & Cliffs update. Although the majority of game-changing features are still unavailable until the update arrives, gamers can check out some minor additions that are nonetheless exciting. On top of that, the recent snapshot can help detect any bugs and conflicts that might be unintentionally brought up by new mechanics. Overall, it’s a matter of creating the best experience possible when the update eventually comes out.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms, and the Caves & Cliffs update will launch sometime in 2021.

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