Tenet Still Planned For Theatrical Release In NY & LA


Warner Brothers announced they’re still planning to release Tenet theatrically in New York and Los Angeles, even as covid case numbers rise.

According to Warner Brothers, Christopher Nolan’s latest time-bending thriller Tenet is still aiming for a theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles. The blockbuster film is one of the only major theatrical releases of the past six months and has grossed $350 million internationally. However, due to rising covid-19 case numbers, currently closed theaters reopening any time soon seems unlikely.

Major theater chains like AMC and Regal Cinemas have been struggling severely during the coronavirus closures. While Tenet had a good opening weekend, its diminishing returns at the box office have proven insufficient to sustain theaters independently. Of course, New York and LA – two of the biggest national markets – haven’t factored into that equation as theaters within the cities have remained fully closed. While Tenet has continued carrying the torch for traditional releases, more and more major films have been either delayed or pushed to streaming platforms.

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Despite this trend, however, and despite the rising covid case numbers, Warner Brothers has said in a recent press release that they’re still planning to release the film theatrically in New York and LA. Nolan himself has always been vocal about the theater experience being essential. Obviously, the studio would love to capitalize on two of the world’s largest markets, which have yet to be tapped. Still, given the state of public health, that possibility seems far-out at the moment. Warner Brothers also announced that the film would be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital purchase in December.



While an NYC/LA release for Tenet would undoubtedly be great for major theaters, it likely wouldn’t be enough to fix the issues they’re having across the country. Disney bumping the live-action Mulan remake to a streaming release on Disney+ and the delays of numerous blockbusters like No Time to Die, Black Widow, Dune, and F9 have left cinemas with a meager offering of films. Those slim pickings are exacerbated by the natural decline in attendance as health concerns remain understandably high. While many fans and filmmakers alike continue to proclaim the importance of preserving theaters, the numbers aren’t looking good.

In the short term, social distancing and theater capacity limitations seem to be making streaming the de-facto format of choice for new movies. That’s not entirely bad, given the high quality of original content platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have seen lately. However, given that many of the 2020-planned blockbusters have been delayed, there’s hope for a return to movie-viewing normalcy in the future. And even before that happens, NYC and Los Angeles residents could still have a chance to catch Tenet on the big screen.

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Source: Warner Brothers

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