The Boys: What Black Noir Looks Like Under The Mask


In The Boys comic and TV universe, Black Noir’s identity has been safely guarded, but what does he really look like under his mask?

Warning! Spoilers for The Boys comic book and television series!

In The Boys universe, no Supes’ identity is more safe-guarded than that of the mysterious Black Noir. The Seven’s quiet but deadly hero doesn’t speak and keeps his mask on in pretty much every situation. However, Black Noir has taken off his black mask before and his identity underneath and what he looks like is shocking.

Black Noir is The Boys version of the Caped Crusader, who’s part Batman and part Snake Eyes. Black Noir doesn’t speak and operates in silence. His superpowers include superhuman strength, durability, and athleticism, and he’s incredible in one-to-one combat. He also is almost unkillable, as he doesn’t appear to have a single weakness in the comics. Ultimately, Black Noir is one of the deadliest Supes in The Seven.

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In The Boys comic (issue #65) by Garth Ennis, Russ Braun, John McCrea, Keith Burns, Simon Bowland, Tony Avina, and Darick Robertson, Black Noir’s is unmasked and his real identity is a total shock. In the issue, Homelander madness becomes uncontainable, as he kills the President of the United States. Black Noir makes a surprise appearance in the aftermath. When he takes off his mask, it’s revealed that he’s actually a clone of Homelander whose sole existence was to be a fail-safe against the overpowered hero should he lose control. And an even more disturbing detail is the clone is actually a worse version of Homelander and was responsible for some of the comics’ most gruesome moments.

Black Noir Identity


The reveal ultimately pits Homelander against the clone version of himself, as the two have one epic, deadly battle – neither Supe makes it out of the issue alive. Is it possible The Boys Amazon series will follow the same plot point? It’s not out of the question considering Black Noir’s true identity hasn’t been revealed. However, it’s pretty much impossible without some serious changes after Black Noir took off his mask on the show and the character’s disfigured face underneath it was black. The show could use a version of the twist where Black Noir has some of Homelander’s DNA, but it appears they’re going to go their own route with his real identity.

Ultimately, Black Noir’s identity in the comics is one of the more shocking, satisfying reveals in the entire series. Given how hidden the Supes’ real face was throughout the multiple arcs he appeared in as a member of the Seven, fans of the television series should be hoping that Black Noir’s reveal is somehow as awesome as the comic’s version. Regardless, whoever is underneath Black Noir’s mask is someone you don’t want to mess with.

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