These Among Us Dioramas Are Exactly What Every Fan Needs


Among Us fans are making remarkable dioramas, depicting scenarios from the game with stupendous accuracy and selling them on the internet.

A fan on Reddit has made some truly impressive dioramas from the hit social deduction game Among Us. The beloved game has spawned a wide variety of fan art over the years. Players have made drawings, animations, Halloween costumes, cakes, and even horror movie posters based on InnerSloth’s game.

It’s remarkable to see a game achieve as much widespread fame as Among Us has managed to accumulate, especially given how unnoticed it went during its original launch in 2018. The game’s overwhelming success has eclipsed the previous online multiplayer juggernaut, Fall Guys, and has risen to such levels that its mobile version alone is rivaling the success of Pokemon Go at its society-altering peak in 2016. Among Us gives fans a chance to socialize with their friends in a time when a global pandemic prevents them from doing so in person, and for that reason, it’s a very special part of a lot of peoples’ lives.

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Reddit user Uberob has discovered a particularly impressive fan creation that commemorates the beloved video game in a very remarkable way. The good people at PastPixel have created three dioramas of the game, each contained in a glass cube. One depicts an Impostor murdering a crewmate in the Greenhouse, another shows two bodies being discovered in Electrical, and the third shows the entire crew hanging out in the loading room, waiting for a match to begin. The game’s art style has been rendered perfectly in these little cubes; they almost look like self-contained snapshots taken directly from a match. PastPixel is selling the dioramas now, and they would make a great addition to any Among Us fan’s shelf.

Generally merchandise like this is reserved for more major games. Nintendo, for instance, has issued numerous Amiibo figures to fill out fans’ collections. Among Us is developed by only three people, who certainly don’t have the resources to deliver stock on the scale of Nintendo’s Amiibo collection, so it’s good to know that fans have other options for representing their favorite social deduction game in their homes and offices.

It’s hard to overstate how much of an impact Among Us has had on modern society. The game is such a landmark that elected politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have even streamed it on Twitch, in one of the most-viewed broadcasts in Twitch history. In the future, when one looks back on the story of video games in 2020, Among Us will definitely stand out as a defining work. And with that in mind, customers who buy one of these dioramas will be able to say that they own a piece of video game history.

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Source: Uberob, PastPixel



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