Valorant Players Aren’t Sure Whether Breach Changes Are A Nerf Or A Buff


Valorant’s latest patch made big changes to Breach’s Fault Line ability, and players are torn on whether they’re a help or a hindrance.

Valorant‘s latest update, patch 1.11,  is now available and players disagree over whether changes to agent Breach are a buff or a nerf. The patch arrives after a turbulent week in which players discovered that important details concerning Breach were left out of the original patch notes and the patch was delayed for a week because of several reported technical issues. The patch follows Act III, which dropped last month and included new skins and the character Skye.

The patch features several other additions, including balancing for Breach, Cypher, and Killjoy. New map Icebox was also introduced and a new left-handed view model was added to the game’s options. Breach’s Fault Line ability got an unlisted change in the form of an 8 meter safe zone being added to its cast. Breach’s flash time has also been expanded from 1.75 to 2, which was covered in the original patch notes.

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Reddit user oDavideo noticed the change to Breach’s Fault Line early on and wondered whether it was a bug since they were not mentioned in the patch notes. The Reddit post caught the attention of Valorant developer rycoux, who acknowledged the situation by saying the changes were intended, but mistakenly omitted from patch notes. The developer then goes on to list multiple changes that were accidentally left out of the original patch 1.11 notes, including Fault Line charging 20 percent faster. Players have shared similar frustrations about the changes, with players annoyed that they must now back up before they can stun enemies in front of them. The new additions to Fault Line have frustrated players, with several arguing the distance is too far, though they’re actually intended to help players by giving teammates a safe zone to stand in near Breach.


The Valorant developer went on to justify the changes made to the Breach Fault Line, explaining to several different Reddit users that the changes are necessary to “help his teammates play around his utility a little easier.” Players are still concerned by the new changes which require the Fault Line and Rolling Thunder to be cast 8 meters away from the player. While this change has no immediate impact on the range of each ability, it creates a wide gap between Breach and the abilities, much to the chagrin of fans. The official patch notes do indicate the additional flash tuning with the aim to separately define initiator-class agents.

While this new patch has by no means been universally accepted by Riot Games’ dedicated fanbase, it is still too early to tell if the changes will continue to be met with criticism. If the intentions behind these new changes ring true, they may actually help Breach players coordinate with teammates and minimize any damage done to friendlies. The 8 meter gap may prove to be an important safety buffer to maximize the other changes that have been introduced through the new patch. As Valorant strives to remain relevant despite low viewership on platforms such as Twitch, patch 1.11 might represent a new and exciting direction for the tactical game.

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Source: oDavideo/RedditValorant


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