Abby St. Germain’s Husband Louis Is In Cancer Remission


90 Day Fiance star Abby St. Germain’s husband Louis Dubell is finally in remission after his testicular cancer battle. He’s been through an ordeal.

Caribbean beauty Abby St. Germain has had a tough year so far, but things are finally looking up for the 90 Day Fiancé star, as her husband Louis Dubell is in remission after a battle with cancer.

90 Day Fiancé fans may be familiar with Abby as she appeared on the first season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. On her season she attempted to navigate her relationship with Sean Hiller, who was much older than her. It seemed as though things were getting serious, but her friendship with Chris (another older American man) threatened their happiness. Sean felt insecure about it, considering that she had once dated Chris. During Sean’s visit, they went to a witch doctor who revealed that Abby and Chris had the same rash. After this, the tension only worsened, and the couple went their separate ways, ending their engagement. However, Abby found love elsewhere. Abby and Louis met online, and she admits that although she was the one who pursued him, he said “I love you” first. Louis went to see Abby. While they were vacationing in the Dominican Republic, he popped the question with a sparkly engagement ring. Abby said yes and moved to the UK in late 2019.

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Her happily ever after came to a halt when Abby’s husband Louis was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It devastated the couple, and Louis went into chemotherapy. Despite the circumstances, the two remained positive. Throughout the feed on her Abby St. Germain Instagram, she is always smiling. Recently, the couple got great news. On November 5, Abby posted on Instagram that Louis is currently in remission. In her post, she said it was great news to finish off a “horrible year.” Abby went on to thank fans and followers who donated cash to help her pay the medical bills and gave her love and support. See the post below:

It is truly inspiring being able to come out the other side stronger and alive. Cancer all too often takes so many people from this earth much too soon. Testicular cancer is the most common in young men aged 15-40. Symptoms can include either a lump near the scrotum or a feeling of heaviness. It is good to make sure checkups with the doctor are scheduled regularly. Catching cancer in the early stages is very important, as doing so can boost the odds of survival.

Thankfully, Louis’ cancer journey led to a happy ending. Abby and Louis are incredibly excited, as they will be able to “pick up where [they] left and start making memories again.” 90 Day Fiance star Abby is ready to live life again, free of so much tension and worry.

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Source: Abby St-Germain/Instagram

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