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The second major release for the iPhone since the release of iOS 14 in September brings a number of updates and fixes for several issues.

iOS 14.2 is now available for all Apple iPhone users, with new features, performance improvements, and a series of bug fixes to ensure the operating system’s smooth running. This is the second major update for the iPhone since the release of iOS 14 earlier this fall. Among the changes it brings for compatible iPhones are new wallpapers and emoji, including a ninja, a transgender flag, and a gender-neutral character.

The latest update adds a Shazam option in the Control Center. Prior to the iOS 14.2 release, the Apple-owned Shazam could be used via Siri to identify a song currently being played. Now, the Shazam tile, also known as Music Recognition, can be tapped in the Control Center to discover what a song is. In addition, the newest update adds support for the MagSafe leather sleeve for the iPhone 12, and the Magnifier app can now detect people nearby. While new emoji and wallpapers are fun, of course, users naturally also want annoying and disruptive bugs taken care of.

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As with the majority of iOS updates, 14.2 includes a long list of bug fixes that will improve the operation of the iPhone. Some of the most important fixes include the keyboard on the Lock Screen that could miss touches when a passcode was being entered, the potential for Voice Memo recordings being interrupted by incoming calls, and wireless charging that may not have been working with some devices. For users who utilize the iPhone for fitness, the failed syncing of workout GPS routes and Health app data between the Apple Watch and iPhone is resolved. Users will also appreciate that Apple Cash will no longer fail to send or receive money when requested to do so via Siri.

More Notable iOS 14.2 Fixes

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The new iOS release brings other fixes too. The camera viewfinder will now not appear black when launched in camera applications. The issue of audio being falsely labeled as “Not Playing” in the Carplay Dashboard is resolved. The incorrect ordering of apps on the Home Screen is resolved. The potential for a black screen during Netflix video playback has been fixed. And so too are reminders that could default to times in the past.

Other notable fixes have been applied to the Photos widget that may not have been showing content for users and to the Weather app, which was potentially displaying the high temperature in Celsius despite it being set to Fahrenheit and also incorrectly indicating when precipitation would stop. Elsewhere, the update fixes the Apple Watch app, which would sometimes unexpectedly close when opened. And, lastly, it resolves the issue of Exposure Notifications being disabled when restoring the iPhone from an iCloud Backup or transferring data to a new iPhone using iPhone Migration.

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