Apex Legends’ Festive Winter Express & Holo-Day Bash Are Returning


According to a couple of credible sources, fan-favorite Winter Express LTM and Holo-Day Bash Christmas event are returning to Apex Legends this year.

This Holiday season, Christmas and New Year celebrations will be back in Apex Legends with the return of Winter Express and Holo-Day Bash. The festive event will run during the recently started Season 7, which has already received its portion of criticism from the game’s community.

According to players’ reports, progressing through Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass turned out to be a painful grind, which is happening much slower than in previous seasons. Apparently, performing at one’s best does not guarantee more than a single Battle Pass level or two, which is definitely a huge downgrade considering that previously, players could easily unlock roughly 4 to 5 levels after a few hours spent in Apex Legends.

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Fortunately, somewhat of salvation awaits Apex Legends players in the inevitable Christmas celebration represented by fan-favorite Winter Express limited-time mode. Although it’s going to be a while until Respawn officially announces the event, it has already received confirmation from two credible sources. The first one is the game itself. As spotted by Reddit used ENDgineer, festive Winter Express badges are already present in the battle royale title. Description literally mentions scoring points in Winter Express LTM during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event. Additional confirmation comes from the recent developers’ livestream, during which the official Respawn in-game PROducers Club was featured. Introduced in Season 7, Clubs allow members to view what their mates are doing via the activity feed, and during the broadcast, a few Respawn employees were playing Winter Express as described in the Club’s timeline. This likely indicates that the festive LTM is undergoing internal testing.

The pioneering Holo-Day Bash event was originally presented back in December 2019. It launched with an exciting Winter Express limited-time mode, which revolved around The World’s Edge’s train roaming the map. The mode quickly became a fan-favorite one, mainly due to its smaller scale and clear emphasis on never-ending action. Three rival teams were trying to take control of the locomotive with the battle being accompanied by fantastic music and an overall solid festive atmosphere. Obviously, the event offered some cool cosmetics and other goodies on top of introducing one of the game’s best LTMs.

Judging by the fact that this October, Halloween celebration featured an altered color palette of cosmetics from the last-year Fight or Fright event, the upcoming Christmas festival in Apex Legends will likely do the same by reintroducing favorite character and weapon skins along with their slightly changed variants. Additionally, players can expect a new set of rules – much like the updated version of Shadow Royale this year. Hopefully, the mesmerizing soundtrack and the overall train mayhem of Winter Express remain intact.

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Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Sources: ENDgineer/Reddit, Apex Legends

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