Dragon Age 4 Theory: Why DA4 Will Be in Tevinter


Dragon Age 4 is coming but there’s a lot that’s still a mystery. However, a lot of clues point to the game being set in the Tevinter Imperium.

The Dragon Age series has always been super heavy on lore, and it’s part of what fans love so much. With three main games, fans have traveled all around the continent of Thedas, although there are still a few locations yet to be seen.

Chief among the unexplored countries of Dragon Age is the Tevinter Imperium, a powerful nation led by a Magocracy. Although fans have never traveled there, Tevinter has been a heavy topic of conversation throughout the series, and the home of party members like Dorian.

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Tevinter simply makes sense as a location for Dragon Age 4, but BioWare has also provided quite a few hints over the last few years.

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All Signs Point to Dragon Age 4 in Tevinter

Dragon Age 4 Concept Art


The Tevinter Imperium lies far to the Northeast of Orlais, where players spent quite a bit of time in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Information about Dragon Age 4 has been scant since its official announcement, but Gamescom 2020 gave fans a small update. A short trailer showed off a bit of concept art as well as in-game assets, while developers from BioWare narrated over it. During the video lead writer Patrick Weekes says “for the game we’re working on now, we want to tell a story of ‘what happens when you don’t have power?’ and the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues.” Considering Tevinter is ruled by a Magocracy, the idea of those in power not being willing to listen would make perfect sense, and the game could cast players as a nobody trying to contend with the politics of the country. Dorian tells players a lot about Tevinter during Inquisition, including complaints about certain factions within the country. A piece of concept art shown in the Gamescom trailer shows what looks to be Dorian swimming underwater with other new characters. For one it’d make sense for Dorian to join the party again if they go to Tevinter, maybe as an envoy of the Inquisitor. On the other hand, Tevinter also wraps around the Norn Sea, so underwater segments would fit right in.

Outside of these hints, there are a couple of other pieces of information that point to Tevinter. At the end of the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition the Inquisitor slams a knife down on the war map, with the knife landing square on Tevinter. The series also released a comic series earlier in 2020 called Dragon Age: Tevinter Knights, which Dragon Age 4 writer Patrick Weekes also worked on. We know that Solas will return as the major threat of Dragon Age 4, and the powerful magic of Tevinter could be influential in taking on the Dread Wolf. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Inquisitor would send a party to treat with the leaders of Tevinter, and in the process, they meet the new hero of Dragon Age 4. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X launching, likely, BioWare will really start to detail Dragon Age 4 sometime in 2021, which is when fans can finally find out some of their burning questions.

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