Gwen Stefani Shares Shocking First Tattoo On Instagram


Gwen Stefani, a judge on The Voice and fiancé of Blake Shelton, shared an image of a rose tattoo on her Instagram Story that had fans speculating.

Fans were in complete shock when The Voice season 19 coach Gwen Stefani shared a picture of a rose tattoo on her Instagram Story. The fans who follow the No Doubt vocalist-turned-popstar closely know that she has never had a tattoo. Before America’s chairs start spinning out of control, read on. This inked image is not exactly as it appears.

Gwen Stefani started as a judge on The Voice season 7, where she met her now-fiancé Blake Shelton. Rumors started flying about the couple potentially breaking up, but she recently put that to rest. Now that Gwen has returned for The Voice season 19 and is engaged to Blake, the fans feel certain that the couple will have a happily ever after. Blake and Gwen have already shared the adorable banter fans have come to love on season 19. So, if it is not about their relationship, what does this mysterious tattoo that Gwen Stefani shared, mean?

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According to Hello Magazine, Gwen Stefani posted the image (seen below) of a rose tattooed arm on her Instagram Story. The caption above the photo read, “first tattoo is complete”. Below the image, it read, “my proudest lyric given to me by the man upstairs”. The actual tattoo words read: “Born to Blossom. Bloom to Perish”. This surprised many Gwen Stefani fans because she has been vocal about not liking tattoos. In 2017, she was quoted on ET saying “I don’t know, I feel like my niece just got a bunch of tattoos and I’m really mad at her, she’s 21. I’m like, ‘What are you doing?'”.


Apparently, pop star Gwen Stefani is not taking this statement back, because it has been revealed that the tattoo she shared on her Instagram Story is not on her own body. The limb with the rose tattoo belongs to a fan. Gwen was sharing the image as a shout out for someone else. Thus, she still does not have any tattoos. Blake Shelton does have a tattoo but has been very vocal about how much he despises it. In fact, Blake has been quoted saying it is the worst tattoo “not just in country music, but maybe the world.”

Fans on Twitter have shared that even though Blake Shelton makes fun of his own tattoo, Gwen Stefani’s kids want to get a tattoo just like it. Fans of The Voice can expect to see more fun banter between Stefani and Shelton all season.

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Source: Hello Magazine, Gwen Stefani

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