PewDiePie Mocks Mark & Nikki’s Weird Relationship In YouTube Video


In his latest 90 Day Fiancé couple review, YouTuber PewDiePie explores the cringiest TLC couple with their 40-year age gap, Mark & Nikki Shoemaker.

Since it’s first season in 2014, 90 Day Fiancé has featured one too many strange couples and their stranger relationships. But even six years later, a pair that deserves the top spot for being the strangest is Mark and Nikki Shoemaker. But what happened when YouTuber PewDiePie came across season 3’s Mark and Nikki’s alarming age gap and cringe-worthy courtship? Lots of mockeries, of course.

Maryland’s Mark and Filipina Nikki had a love-story not quite unlike most 90 Day Fiancé couplings. The American divorcee had met Nikki via an online dating service, which sounds pretty normal at first. But what makes this TLC twosome noteworthy is their 40 year age difference. And also the fact that Mark had four adult children from his previous wife who belonged to the same town as Nikki. All of Mark’s children being older than Nikki wasn’t the weirdest part though. 90 Day Fiancé fans got a shocker when Mark made Nikki sign a  prenup, and later also sued TLC itself for broken promises. When PewDiePie got a whiff of this weird couple, it was obvious that he’d review their romance for his 107 million subscribers to see.

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In his video titled “He married his daughter’s age,” the popular YouTuber starts off by introducing Mark, 57, who’s on his way to receive Nikki, 19, from the airport. PewDiePie comments that it already looks like a horror film and Mark’s mannerisms make him label him “creepy.” Seeing Nikki being stopped by Mark from touching his car windows in the infamous 90 Day Fiancé scene by saying, “it’s one of the rules for my children,” the YouTuber comments, “age is just a number.” Mark is seen commenting that Nikki isn’t “well rounded” which makes PewDiePie scream out, “She’s 19, what do you think? She’s normal you’re the weird one.” However, a weirder scene follows when Nikki goes wedding dress shopping with Mark’s youngest daughter, 21, and they have to reveal to the shop assistant that the Filipina 90 Day Fiancé star is the bride-to-be. “It’s so weird, it hurts,” exclaims PewDiePie as he asks his followers if they can feel the cringe too.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple then heads out for a stroll where Mark gifts Nikki a red convertible, the same car which he’s given his ex-wife, and literally forces her to drive it home. “When I sit in this car Nikki, it rolls my clock back 25 years,” says Mark hopeful about Nikki liking the car and PewDiePie mentions how when one subtracts 25 from the man’s 57 years, he still is 32. “Still weird,” he says and reads out a comment which jokes, “It’s so nice to see a man adopt a daughter from a foreign country.” PewDiePie’s review also mentions the scene where Mark’s family asks Nikki if she wants kids while acknowledging that she’s still 19. Nikki, who was apparently told by Mark about his desire to not look at more diapers wishes that the 90 Day Fiancé star might change his mind later. “Yeah, in the future… he’s got plenty of time,” laughs the internet celebrity.

Curious to know what really happened with the Shoemakers, PewDiePie does some innocent Google-ing and lands upon an article which states that while Mark doesn’t have social media, Nikki hasn’t updated her Instagram since 2013. “So, we don’t know. It hurts, I need to know,” PewDiePie confesses as he echoes the thoughts of thousands of 90 Day Fiancé fans who wonder what happened to this train wreck of a couple. Meanwhile, PewDiePie’s subscribers and social media sleuths are on a mission to uncover if Mark and Nikki are still together, and any progress done will certainly be updated here!

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Source: PewDiePie, Nikki Shoemaker/Instagram

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