What Pokémon Each Apex Legend Would Choose In Battle


The world of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has been a playground of explosive competition for six full seasons, and the fun has just recently launched into a seventh. The wide array of archetypes that the game’s characters bring to the arena offer windows into what kind of a person (or robot) they would be if they were to exist outside of the Apex games, but what if their world were to collide with another? Specifically, the wide world of Pokémon.

The Apex Legends roster is now up to fifteen characters, and each of them possesses unique abilities and personalities that keeps players’ experiences fresh. It’s not absurd to assume that the Legends would be lining up to pick Pokémon. After all, neither of them are strangers to the concept of a friendly battle. Pokémon similarly have unique abilities that, on occasion, mimic those of Apex Legends’ Legends, making them perfect sidekicks to the action.

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So if the fighters of Apex Legends were to each have the chance to pick a Pokémon for themselves, which would they choose? Well, first, to ensure that the arena is still standing at the end of each match, Legendary Pokémon must be off limits (despite the pun). The Apex gunners are powerful enough without cosmic-creating creatures by their side. Additionally, readers can assume that once a Legend chooses their Pokémon, the creature ceases to evolve any further, avoiding any sudden massive changes to the Apex balance. So which Pokémon would each Apex Legend decide on?

Apex Legends’ Gibraltar & Pokémon’s Blastoise

Gibraltar and Blastoise


Gibraltar is sturdy and strong. He needs a strong assistant at his side for the games! Blastoise brings the weight and the firepower to live up to Gibraltar’s reputation. At the speed Gibraltar runs, he needs a heavy Pokémon that won’t leave him in the dust either. Blastoise may look scary and tough, but underneath that shell is the same Pokémon that was once a cute Squirtle. Not to mention Blastoise would get a huge kick out of Gibraltar’s protective shell he throws down as a tactical ability.

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder & Pokémon’s Porygon

Pathfinder and Porygon

Friendly tutorial robot Pathfinder needs a Pokémon that understands him. The Pokémon that would likely respond the best to Pathfinder’s mechanical code is good old Porygon! According to its Pokédex entry in Pokémon Gold, Porygon is “a manmade Pokémon. Since it doesn’t breathe, people are eager to try it in any environment.” Similarly, one of Pathfinder’s best catchphrases is “Hold your breath… If you have a respiratory system!” implying that he too has no need for oxygen. With their shared lack of lungs and artificial intelligence, these two robots could take the galaxies by storm together.

Apex Legends’ Lifeline & Pokémon’s Delibird

Lifeline and Delibird

Lifeline is one of Apex Legends most useful characters with her healing and reviving abilities. Her care packages provide near-immediate assistance for her teammates and can easily change the outcome of a fight. Delibird, also known as the “Delivery Pokemon”, has its own care package in the form of a tail! Delibird is known to carry “food rolled up in its tail,” and “It has the habit of sharing food with people lost in mountains,” according to several Pokédex entries, including Pokémon Black & White.

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With these two on the team, no one would go wanting. Lifeline and Delibird will always be there to help out!

Apex Legends’ Wraith & Pokémon’s Abra

Wraith and Abra

Wraith has crucially useful access to the void with her portals, teleporting her teammates long distances in an instant. Seasoned Pokémon players are no strangers to the difficulties of catching an Abra for the same reasons. Abra is known to teleport away from trainers at its first opportunity. If Pokémon trainers are lucky enough to snag one, Abra also grants them the ability to teleport to the last visited Poké Center, quite similar to Wraith’s access to a previous location in Apex Legends via portal. Needless to say, the other Legends better keep their heads on a swivel if Wraith and Abra ever team up.

Apex Legends’ Crypto & Pokémon’s Rotom

Crypto and Rotom

What better Pokémon could there be for the tech-genius Crypto than Rotom! Crypto was introduced to Apex Legends in season 3 as an encryption expert, always seen either at a computer or buried in his customized drone. With Crypto’s understanding of machinery, there is no doubt that he would find a perfect companion in the ever-transforming Rotom, who is capable of possessing various machines to affect its type. These two hackers would make a lasting and sensible union, but Crypto’s friendly drone would surely have opinions about being replaced.

Apex Legends’ Caustic & Pokémon’s Weezing

Caustic and Weezing

There’s little to no debate here. Weezing is the obvious Pokémon for Caustic. Caustic spends his time in Apex Legends setting traps of noxious gas to slowly suffocate his opponents. Weezing was quite literally born to do the exact same thing. Together, these two could clear a room in seconds. This combination could perhaps be the most deadly of all between Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade and Weezing’s signature Poison Gas move. If these two are in the fight, players must be sure to bring a gas mask.

Apex Legends’ Rampart & Pokémon’s Gurdurr

Rampart and Gurdurr

Apex Legends’ Rampart is the Gun Queen of the games. She gets an innate LMG buff, and she carries her own massive weapon she affectionately calls “Sheila.” Pokémon has never dabbled much in the world of guns, so while Rampart can’t share her love of the smell of gunpowder in the morning, she could find a friend in Gurdurr.

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This fighting type Pokémon carries its own special weapon – a massive steel beam ready to bash its enemies. It’s always seen with its girder, just like Rampart has Sheila. It’s also worth mentioning that Gurdurr’s nose bears a striking resemblance to Rampart’s signature gum bubble.

Apex Legends’ Bangalore & Pokémon’s Torkoal

Bangalore and Torkoal

Honestly, the powerhouse that is Bangalore doesn’t need any help in the arena. She can take care of herself. However, if she were to search for companionship, she would find a friend in Torkoal. Torkoal’s Pokédex entry in Pokémon FireRed states, “It burns coal inside its shell. If it is attacked, it belches thick, black smoke and flees.” Bangalore’s tactical ability does something similar with smoke grenades. Together, they could create a blinding environment that even Bloodhound would have a hard time navigating.

Apex Legends’ Bloodhound & Pokémon’s Noctowl

Bloodhouse and Noctowl

Speaking of Bloodhound, there are few environments that this Legend can’t see through. With their tracking abilities, Bloodhound can communicate enemy locations to their team through smoke, walls, and earth. In similar fashion, Noctowl’s eyes are keen and sharp. According to its Pokédex entry in Pokémon Ultra Sun, Noctowl’s eyes “can see in pitch-darkness” and “it never lets its prey escape.” There’s quite literally nowhere a Legend could hide from this team. The blessings of the Allfather would indeed be upon them.

Apex Legends’ Revenant & Pokémon’s Dusknoir

Revenant & Dusknoir

The pairing of Revenant and Dusknoir should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of every Legend in the games. Revenant is the fearsome simulacrum with a sordid history with Loba, whose access to the Shadow World allows him to grant a protection over his team, making him a huge contender in battle. Dusknoir, in its Pokémon Soul Silver Pokédex entry “is said to travel to worlds unknown. Some even believe that it takes lost spirits along with it.” Death has no dominion over these two frightening combatants. There’s no telling the devastation they could bring to the fight should they combine their powers.

Apex Legends’ Wattson & Pokémon’s Emolga

Wattson and Emolga

Wattson is the electrifying Legend introduced in season 2 of Apex Legends. She brings a cute and friendly demeanor to the Apex games, but she is a dangerous fighter. It’s safe to assume that she would choose an electric Pokémon, and there are few cuter than Emolga! But players know not to underestimate Emolga with powerful moves like Volt Switch and Discharge on its list. While these two might greet another Legend with a friendly hello and a smile, they will bid them a shocking farewell with thousands of volts of electricity and a smile.

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Apex Legends’ Octane & Pokémon’s Beedrill

Octane and Beedrill

Octane is the frenetic fighter buzzing around the arena with adrenaline in his veins. He’s got needles that poison his health to grant him incredible speed. Beedrill is one of the few Pokémon that can keep up with this Apex Legends Champion. Its entries in Pokémon Red & Blue state that Beedrill “flies at high speed and attacks using its large venomous stingers on its forelegs and tail.” Legends that run into Octane and Beedrill need to watch for sharp edges and prepare for a fight, because there is no outrunning this duo.

Apex Legends’ Mirage & Pokémon’s Zoroark

Mirage and Zoroark

Mirage is an illusionist. He has the ability to send several hologram decoys of himself running in various (mis)directions. Zoroark is known as the “illusion fox Pokémon” and according to Pokémon Black & White, “stories say those who tried to catch Zoroark were trapped in an illusion and punished.” While other Legends and their Pokémon could deal some serious physical damage, Mirage and Zoroark’s devastation would focus on the mind. How can the other Legends fight back if they have no idea what’s real?

Apex Legends’ Loba & Pokémon’s Marowak

Loba and Marowak

Loba is the jewel stealing, staff wielding Champion introduced to Apex Legends in season 5. She’s a fearsome opponent with a tragic backstory. When Loba was just a child her parents were killed by Revenant, which fueled her ravenous hunger for revenge and brought her to the Apex games. Pokémon fans are familiar with a similar story of a young orphaned Cubone, whose mourning with its mothers skull eventually results in a Marowak evolution. Marowak carries a bone for its signature move “Bone Club” just as Loba is rarely seen without her staff. Perhaps Loba and Marowak would find solace in each others’ grief. A shared experience could manifest in a powerful friendship.

Apex Legends’ Horizon & Pokémon’s Fearow

Horizon and Fearow

Season 7’s newest addition to Apex Legends is Horizon. Her tactical ability uses a throwable device that creates a powerful updraft that can be used by teammates or against enemies. In a similar fashion, the Pokédex entry for Fearow in Pokémon Gold reads, “It shoots itself suddenly high into the sky, then plummets down in one fell swoop to strike its prey.” The aerial combat these two would be capable of is unlike anything Apex Legends has seen yet! Additionally, they both have long locks of red hair.

Needless to say, the Legends of Apex Legends would be unfathomably powerful when paired with Pokémon partners. However, the unique world they could build together would be both exciting and full of opportunity. While it’s fun to imagine Mirage as a Gym Leader or Caustic as a Pokémon Professor, the combination is something the Pokémon world just doesn’t seem quite ready for.

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