What The PS5 DualSense Controller Can Really Do


The Playstation 5’s new DualSense controller brings gamers into the future with new features like touch sensitive triggers and an ergonomic design.

The next generation of gaming is almost here as the release date for Sony’s new PlayStation 5 creeps closer. The next series of gaming system brings a new DualSense Controller with it that could change the way people interact with the games they play. This updated controller sports features that immerse the player in the game they pick up, setting the thrill of the experience directly into their palms. This enhanced form of control comes in tandem with growing interest and development in VR systems, giving the controller a serious, next generation feel.

The new PS5 DualSense controller has a sleek, robotic design reminiscent of the game Portal. The futuristic look doesn’t seem to match with the actual PS5 console, which has been scrutinized for being large and clunky. The new controller appears to fit gracefully in a player’s hands, and expands on adaptive triggers that can measure the pressure of a player’s fingers. This pressure control helps balance the powerful vibrations that the controller is capable of, integrating the sensations into playstyle for deeper immersion. This specific control could enhance the way players experience things like weapon kickback in new games.

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To compliment the adaptive triggers and vibration, the PS5 DualSense controller also has a revamped touchpad. The sensitivity level has been updated to track touch so accurately it could rival a phone screen, and it can now track up to two fingers at once. The accuracy of this touchpad lends to games that have started utilizing touch controls for a different gaming experience, integrating tactile play beyond the buttons and joysticks. This update comes at a time where VR experiences have pushed controllers to be more than just a means of moving a character, but a way to pull the player completely into the story of their chosen game with motion, vibration, and specialized controls.

The Playstaion 5 DualSense Controller Revolutionizes Immersion

Another feature this controller has revisited and attempted to bring into the new generation of gaming is motion control. Instead of sensors that talk to an infrared receiver on the console, the sensors are built directly into the controller itself. This removes the clunky struggles of the past that have made motion control in gaming so frustrating, like making sure the controller stays lined up with the receiver on the console. While the graphics of the PS5 itself might leave some gamers wanting, this new innovation could completely change the way that players interact with a game’s environment, and encourage developers to include more mechanics that utilize the new, streamlined abilities of the DualSense controller’s motion sensitivity.

The adaptations made to the new DualSense controller bring the world of console gaming to the next level for gamers around the world. The combination of ergonomic design and controls that embrace immersion promote the interactive future of gaming. While the PS5’s SSD might be lacking as far as space is concerned, the controller that acts as the player’s gateway into the game of their choice has plenty of features to make the system worth giving a try. With touch sensitive vibrations and the ability to fully utilize underperforming mechanics like motion sensitivity, the Playstation 5‘s new controller will help launch players into the future of gaming with the click of a touch sensitive trigger.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available on November 12 in select countries and globally on November 19.


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