Young Sheldon Season 4 Reveals Sheldon & Amy’s Son


Young Sheldon season 4 premiere titled “Graduation” reveals that The Big Bang Theory’s couple Sheldon and Amy have a son in the future.

Young Sheldon’s season 4 premiere titled “Graduation” introduces Sheldon and Amy’s son — Leonard Cooper. The coronavirus pandemic cut short season 3 of The Big Bang Theory prequel, which only had 21 episodes instead of 22. But as it turns out, the new outing was worth all the wait after it featured a cool reference to the titular character’s life in the distant future.

In 2019, The Big Bang Theory wrapped up its run after 12 seasons on the air. Despite this, the universe it existed in continues to thrive thanks to Young Sheldon, which chronicles the life of Sheldon in Galveston, Texas before he moved to Pasadena, California. Admittedly, the prequel isn’t the best in preserving continuity, as it has directly contradicted information initially revealed on its parent series. Nevertheless, it’s still considered canon, with Young Sheldon usually dropping cool Easter eggs and references to The Big Bang Theory, including one in its latest episode.

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While The Big Bang Theory ended because Jim Parsons was no longer interested in returning past season 12, the actor remains involved in the franchise. Aside from producing the prequel, he also provides the narration in the show, making it seem like the events of the show are being told from his perspective. The Young Sheldon season 4 premiere mainly tackled Sheldon and Missy’s graduation. Towards the end of the episode, the twins’ family held a graduation party at home; the gathering was intimate but fun, and even Sheldon’s narration remembers the celebration fondly. Adult Sheldon declares that it was the best graduation party he’d ever been to until he and Amy hosted one for their son — Leonard Cooper.


Immediately, the general idea is that Sheldon named his kid after his best friend, Leonard Hofstadter, which makes sense. As chronicled in The Big Bang Theory, Leonard had been more than patient and catering to Sheldon despite his quirks and tendency to be unreasonable. While Raj and Howard can be a bit more unforgiving towards the socially-inept genius’ oddities, Leonard stuck with him throughout it all. That said, it’s also possible that Sheldon was inspired by Leonard Nimoy’s name, being the big Star Trek fan that he is. In fact, he even admits in the narration that he originally wanted the name to be “Leonard Nimoy Cooper” but Amy said no. The name is most likely an homage to both Nimoy and Hofstadter who both played vital, albeit different roles in his life.

What makes the reveal of Leonard Cooper in Young Sheldon more special is that it came out of nowhere. Adult Sheldon was talking about his high school graduation party when he casually dropped the reference, followed by the voice of Amy. Unfortunately, nothing more was revealed about what the future looks like for the Coopers. One thing is for sure, however: the surprise reveal is more than enough for fans of The Big Bang Theory to be more curious about what happened after the show ended.

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