10 Best Marvel Superheroes Who Have No Special Powers


With great powers comes great responsibility, as Peter Parker’s uncle Ben would say – but what happens when superheroes have no special powers and have to rely on other means of combat? Luckily, the lack of actual superpowers doesn’t disqualify them from fighting villains. They just need to find another way how to join the battle.

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Marvel has a lot of heroes who aren’t super fast, strong, have a superior healing factor, or can do magic. These people usually worked hard to get where they are, and the best of them have already made it from the pages of comic books into the MCU and other Marvel properties.

10 Shuri


Shuri so far hasn’t had the opportunity to show all she can do. But despite her youth, it’s clear she’s not only highly intelligent but also capable of coming up with inventions many older people would be envious of. Shuri not only helped improve her brother’s suit but also donned special technology herself to be able to fight against Wakanda’s enemies.

She even joined the ultimate fight against Thanos alongside Black Panther. Not bad for a young hero.

9 Nick Fury

Just like Shuri, Nick Fury isn’t a typical superhero. He doesn’t have a superhero nickname, doesn’t put on a special suit – and unlike some heroes, he prefers his actions to remain hidden from the general public.

But he still deserves a spot on this list because if it wasn’t for him, there would be no Avengers in the MCU. Fury was the one who brought them all together which was no easy task, considering their vastly different personalities and the clashes between Iron Man and Captain America. It also doesn’t hurt that Fury’s a brilliant strategist, cunning and intelligent.

8 Falcon

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson aka Falcon

The question of Falcon’s powers (or lack thereof) changes depending on the source material. In the comics, he could communicate with his bird friend Redwing, but in the MCU, his power stems from the suit he wears. Falcon’s suit allows him to fly, something he uses a great deal when he stands by Steve’s side during the airport battle.

Speaking of Captain America, Sam got his shield in Avengers: Endgame (2019) so it looks like he might be changing his suit for a new one soon.

7 War Machine

War Machine in Captain America Civil War

War Machine never got the chance to truly shine… but the films wouldn’t be the same without him, and the comics are no exception. Wearing an armor constructed by his best friend, Tony Stark, James Rhodes protects his country and the planet in general in more way than just one.

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He served in the Air Force and now that Tony is gone, it’s possible Rhodey will be even more active as a superhero to fill in the empty spot. After all, besides Stark himself, it’s Rhodes who can best fly the suits.

6 The Punisher

Calling Frank Castle a superhero is a bit of a stretch considering his willingness to get his hands dirty and his affinity for guns.

Punisher doesn’t mind killing people, quite the opposite – he often sees it as the best course of action. However, he still has a codex of his own, even though other people might not understand it, consider it twisted. In the comics, Punisher sometimes joins other superheroes and he has a great deal of respect for some of them, for example, Captain America.

5 Ant-Man And The Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Again, these two have powers in the comics from time to time – but not so much in the MCU. Scott Lang even hasn’t been that skilled at fighting until he started training with Hope.

Their special suits not only allow the duo to change their size but Scott can also communicate with ants and Hope can fly (which is something Scott is envious of when he finds out). Despite the lack of powers, their help, Scott’s especially, is still vital in defeating Thanos.

4 Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in The Avengers

Some of the audience hated on Hawkeye because he felt under-powered in the MCU. But even though Hawkeye doesn’t have special powers, that doesn’t mean he’s helpless. He’s trained in combat and can hold his own in a fight.

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What’s more, he’s incredible when it comes to handling his bow and arrow. In the films, Hawkeye demonstrates this by using his remarkable aim not only against Loki in Avengers (2012) but also against Iron Man during the Civil War and the airport battle.

3 Black Widow

Captain America Civil War Black Widow

It’s impossible to mention Hawkeye without also mentioning Black Widow since these two heroes are closely connected. In the comics, Natasha has been subjected to experiments that slowed her aging process but she’s only a human in the MCU.

However, where her fighting skills are concerned, there are only a few people who present a real challenge for her. Black Widow is even better at hand-to-hand combat than Hawkeye and she quickly brings him down in Captain America: Civil War (2016) when they fight at the airport. No one should also forget her skills as a spy and her intelligence.

2 Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in Avengers Endgame

Tony Stark has long since proved that he’s more than just a man in a fancy metal suit. His greatest asset is his intelligence. It’s Tony who builds his first Iron Man suit in a cave and it’s also Tony who discovers the secret of time travel and helps to defeat Thanos once and for all.

Unlike other heroes on this list, Stark doesn’t have too much fighting experience – with the exception of boxing – but when one has an army of super suits at their disposal, it’s not like he needs to be a martial art master in the first place.

1 Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight Marvel studios

It’s time to give space to a hero who hadn’t made it into the MCU… just yet. Moon Knight is a complicated character who struggles with a slew of difficulties.

He’s, nevertheless, extremely well-trained, knows various styles of combat, and also knows his way around guns. What’s more, he’s a superb detective – that’s why people like to compare Moon Knight and DC’s Batman who also doesn’t have any special powers.

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