10 Returning Characters That Will Likely Be Featured (Based On Rumors & Theories)


Spider-Man PS5 will be coming out very soon, and fans are already speculating about which characters will be making a return.

Spider-Man PS5 will be releasing incredibly soon. The sequel to the PS4 hit will be tracking Miles Morales under the iconic mask. While some character returns have been made incredibly clear in the marketing for the game, others are heavily rumored or theorized.

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Characters like Rhino, Rio Morales and Spider-Man himself have all been seen in trailers or are guaranteed to make an appearance. But, there’s also a whole range of other heroes and villains that are yet to be confirmed, that are pretty likely to show up in some capacity. With Miles going from strength to strength thanks to his animated film and now his own video game, fans are certainly excited to see who he interacts with.

10 Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man PS4


Mary Jane Watson held quite a significant role in the first game. While she did play a large part as the love interest to Peter Parker, she also took on the role of a journalist, which is a departure from the comics.

The character felt a little bit more like Iris West than the traditional MJ, but she was a great addition to the game. Since she is such a vital part of this universe she will likely reappear again, to report on the brand new Spider-Man.

9 J. Jonah Jameson

J Jonah Jameson Spider-Man PS4

J. Jonah Jameson was a reoccurring role in the original game, although he was usually portrayed through his radio show which sought to try to tear down Spider-Man. Some of the mechanics of the sequel will likely be similar.

It’s not too hard to imagine therefore that Jameson makes a return at some stage, perhaps in the same format, to complain about this new Spider-Man on the scene. He probably won’t be too happy about yet another web-head menace.

8 Black Cat

Black Cat Spider-man PS4

Black Cat was heavily featured in both the game and DLC content. The character is quite mysterious and has a complex relationship with Peter Parker. It would be fascinating to see how she interacted with a different Spidey.

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Miles likely wouldn’t know how to react to her. She’s still alive and out in this world of anti-heroes and criminals and the theory goes that she would want to check out this brand new Spider-Man on the streets, knowing it wasn’t Peter under the mask.

7 Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn Spider-Man PS4

Norman Osborn is a huge player in this PS4 world and has yet to make his full transformation into maniacal villain. One of his core desires is to help the health of his son, Harry Osborn. His history is linked to that of Miles’ though.

The fact is, Osborn is at least partially responsible for the death of Jefferson Davis. What’s more, since he is so influential in the city of New York, it’s difficult to have a sequel to the game without featuring him in some capacity.

6 Harry Osborn

Harry Osborn Spider-Man PS4

Norman’s son, Harry, was only seen through scientific tasks and in a brief post-credits sequence. Knowing that Osborn has been infected by a Venom-like symbiote, it seems odd to set up this cliff-hanger without following it up.

There’s a theory that Miles may actually be facing some kind of version of Venom in the game, leading to a final team-up game with the two Spider-Man. Harry and his father Norman are theorized to be the villains of a trilogy of games, so Harry has to return.

5 Screwball

Screwball Spider-Man PS4

Screwball is quite a minor villain that the developers of the original game decided would be a fun addition. But, it seems as if every element of these games have been thought out and there might be a larger reason to bring Screwball back into the mix.

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There are rumors the character could return in order to give Miles some publicity as the new man under the mask. It may be that Screwball tries to boost the popularity of the new Spider-Man, with some of her dangerous scenarios once again.

4 Tombstone

Tombstone Spider-Man PS4

Tombstone has been a well-known enemy to Miles Morales both on the big screen and in the comics. The character was last seen in PS4 DLC and he was given a nasty cut across his face, that only angered him.

It’s probable he will try to get some kind of revenge on the hero that did this to him. Unfortunately for Miles, it probably doesn’t matter to Tombstone who he ends up facing off against, suggesting he will be returning based on rumors.

3 Yuri Watanabe

Yuri Watanabe Spider-Man PS4

Yuri has significantly changed thanks to losing faith in the system. She and Spider-Man have an uneasy relationship now that she has turned to violent methods of finding justice. Many believe the character is there to challenge Miles.

Morales will have to go on his own journey to decide the best way to fight crime. Yuri may be the perfect example of how not to do it, with her violent ways perhaps showing Miles right from wrong.

2 Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis Spider-Man PS4

Jefferson Davis did die in the first game, but with Miles comes his tragic origin. It’s very likely that there will be some kind of flashback at some stage, looking at the man that inspired him.

His father was a great man and a brilliant cop. Miles will be trying to fill in the gap that he left and his own heroic deeds will certainly parallel that of Jefferson. A flashback is rumored from the character therefore.

1 Scorpion

Scorpion Spider-Man PS4

With Rhino confirmed as one of the villains of the game, it makes sense to include his partner, Scorpion. Both utilize similar technology and are based upon an animal theme. What’s more, they are known for working together.

The theory goes that Miles has to develop his powers by fighting established foes. The gameplay footage shows him taking down Rhino, but Scorpion is probably waiting in the wings for the player to test these new abilities further.

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