10 Things About Oscar Martinez That Make No Sense


The Office’s Oscar Martinez was a complex character whom fans either loved or hated, and here are 10 things about him that don’t make much sense.

When one talks about some of the greatest and funniest sitcoms ever made, then it goes without saying that The Office would be a major part of this conversation. Anyone who’s seen the show can attest to why this is the case; the brilliant story, tight writing, and off-brand humor are just some of the many reasons why this show has become such a resounding success.

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Of course, it would be impossible to talk about the best aspects of The Office without mentioning its massive cast of brilliant characters, each of whom is memorable in their own unique way. One such character who absolutely needs to be mentioned in this regard is Oscar Martinez, who might seem like one of the more normal people in The Office… but watching a season or two will reveal his own quirks, as well. However, along with these quirks, some nonsensical aspects of his character might also come into the limelight. So, keeping this in mind, here are ten things about Oscar Martinez that make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

10 It’s Weird That He Wilfully Decided To Sleep With Angela’s Husband


For someone who seemed like one of the few people in the office who actually had a moral compass, it’s really weird that Oscar went out of his way to sleep with Angela’s husband. If that wasn’t bad enough as is, Oscar decided to take his stupidity to new heights in this relationship…

9 He Was Foolish For Thinking He Could Ever Fall In Love With Him

Sleeping with a married person is bad enough as is, but what makes this heinous act by Oscar even worse is the fact that he pretty much fooled himself into thinking that both he and the Senator were in love. So, it was only a matter of time before this affair would ultimately be uncovered by Angela, which brings us to the next point on this list.

8 Angela Was Weirdly Okay With This Affair, For Some Reason

Through a hilarious comedy of errors, Angela ultimately found out that her husband and Oscar were sleeping together. At this point, any random person would’ve divorced her husband and cut all ties with a “friend” who went behind her back.

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Instead, in a bid to pursue some status in life, she decided to ride the coattails of her husband’s success and ultimately patches things up with Oscar, which just feels like a boneheaded decision on her end.

7 He Fell Pretty Easily For The Senator’s Manipulations

This point applies to Angela, as well; at the end of the day, it was crystal-clear that the Senator was using both her and Oscar to fuel his personal political agenda while simultaneously enjoying the best of both worlds at the expense of the people who care about him. The fact that it took an outburst from a dimwitted fellow like Kevin to finally make both these individuals see the light is a testament to how blind these people really were.

6 His Character Trait Of Being A Know-It-All Came Out Of Nowhere

the office Oscar

There was a point when Oscar was a pretty normal character who felt like one of the only “normal” people in The Office… the term “normal” being pretty relative as it applies to these characters, of course.

However, this all changes in later seasons, when it is suddenly revealed that Oscar is actually an insufferable know-it-all who wants to come out on top in every argument in order to appease his own ego.

5 Him Testing Out Dwight’s Accountability Booster Was Pretty Stupid

The Office Business School Dwight Bat

For someone who thinks he’s very smart, it was an odd move by Oscar to think that Dwight’s Accountability Booster was a bluff. After all, he’s worked at the Scranton branch for years and witnessed what Dwight is capable of first-hand. Surely he should’ve realized that Dwight is dead serious when it comes to anything even remotely professional?

4 Trusting His Brain Instead Of Using A Calculator Is The Most Bone-Headed Move Ever

After getting a strike for purposely making an error, Oscar decides to take the Accountability Booster seriously once and for all… by using his brain for accounting instead of using a calculator like a normal person.

It doesn’t take an expert to guess what happened next. Oscar made a calculation error, and the office hit all three strikes, leading to a massive commotion as the Scranton branch tries their hardest to undo the effects of Dwight’s meddling.

3 Him Getting A Paid Vacation As An Incentive Makes No Sense

Jan in The Office

In the opening episode of season three, it turns out that Oscar is actually gay, which is revealed rather distastefully by Michael through a series of events that will be touched upon later on.

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In order to prevent Oscar from suing Dunder Mifflin, Jan decides to give him a paid vacation in Europe for three months, along with a company car! How was this a financially feasible solution, given the fact that Oscar suing them would’ve probably been settled for way less? It was also a shoddy cover-up for Michael’s insensitive actions, which could have made things even worse than they already were for Dunder Mifflin’s public image.

2 He Didn’t Really Need To Hide His Sexuality From His Co-Workers

While this might be a rather touchy topic, it was clear from the get-go that the employees of the Scranton branch, while certainly quite eccentric in their own ways, would’ve been more than accepting of Oscar once he came out of the closet.

It was certainly his choice to hide this fact about him… but he didn’t really need to. It’s hard to imagine that anyone from the office would’ve treated him differently if he’d revealed his sexuality.

1 He Should’ve Stopped Michael From Kissing Him

Michael’s heart is generally in the right place, for the most part, but the manner in which he tries to make his points begets a more reserved approach. Case in point: in order to prove that he wasn’t homophobic, Michael decided to kiss Oscar in front of everyone in the office.

This moment was admittedly hilarious… but Oscar should’ve stood his ground and stopped Michael from pretty much assaulting him. After all, he’s shown a penchant for putting his foot down throughout the show, so the fact that he didn’t choose to do the same here was quite odd indeed.

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