10 Times A Child Sidekick Actually Saved The Day


The child sidekick is quite often overlooked in many films and TV shows. Whether they are a youth or a teenager, they can actually be quite a lot of help to the protagonist, though they are usually incredibly underrated characters and are often portrayed as a bit of a nuisance.

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There’s a great number of examples of sidekicks that actually save the day in the end, or, at the very least, contribute a great deal to the mission at hand. Whether they were the key to a big problem or perhaps the quiet MVP of a story, these younger characters demonstrated that age doesn’t matter when it comes to being a hero.

10 Short Round

Shortround Indiana Jones


It was a great shame to many fans to not see Short Round return when Indiana Jones made his way back onto screens for another adventure. The character had previously been quite the fan-favorite.

With rumors of an older version of the character possibly being recast for the upcoming Indie flick, fans have been revisiting the notion that Short Round was actually instrumental to victory and even saved Jones’s life on a few occasions. He’d be a great member of any team!

9 Agnus, Margo, And Edith

Margo, Edith and Agnes Despicable Me

One of the most dastardly villains ever created in animation was softened up when Agnus, Margo, and Edith came into their life. Gru was the evil mastermind behind some of the Earth’s greatest crimes in Despicable Me. 

However, he started to turn his life around when these three girls came into his world and completely shifted everything. He permanently adopted them in the end, and, not only did they save his skin on a number of occasions, but they also put him on the straight and narrow, turning his life completely around.

8 Russell

Russell UP Pixar Carl

Russell really was the kid to turn Carl’s life around. Since his wife Ellie had died, Carl was in quite a bad situation. He finally decided to get away, escaping from the threat of a retiring home by flying in his house carried along by balloons.

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Russell got in his way when it came to trying to reach Paradise Falls, but not only did he end up quite literally rescuing him on a number of occasions, he also Russell showed Carl exactly what he needed in his life. He saved the day just by bringing Carl the happiness he had lost.

7 Hit-Girl

Hit-Girl Kick Ass

Hit-Girl might have been the MVP of the Kick-Ass films. Considering she is so much more experienced in combat and advanced as a vigilante compared to Kick-Ass himself, she has demonstrated that she is very formidable on the battlefield.

She’s taught Kick-Ass a lot and has been right there by his side through many of the conflicts. She’s a vital part of the team and has saved the day countless times, despite how young she is. Someone her age probably shouldn’t be around so much violence.

6 Morty

Rick and Morty

Morty was once a helpless kid who was in over his head. Despite some guidance from his erratic grandpa, he was definitely out of his depth and probably shouldn’t have been anywhere near those missions. In fact, Rick often took advantage of his naivety.

But, as the series has developed, Morty has demonstrated just how capable he really is. He may begin to rival even Rick soon in his problem-solving skills and seems rather unfazed by a lot of shocking events. He has used his skills to literally save the universe, and we suspect he will quite a few more times, in the future.

5 Erica

Erica Stranger THings

Erica may seem like a strange choice, but she is the very definition of the surprising child sidekick that ends up stepping up and taking control of a situation, ultimately helping to save the day, in this case from the horrible creatures of the Upside-Down.

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Season 3 of Stranger Things had Erica has a regular and allowed her to really shine. Her sassiness and intelligence were off the charts and she was a great partner to Dustin. She played a pivotal part in stopping the Russians in their underground base.

4 Robin

Robin Titans DC

Robin has always been the ultimate sidekick in both the comics and the films. Now with a starring role on Titans, he is demonstrating that he is so much more than the boy wonder and can actually step out of Batman’s shadow.

Despite being the sidekick from a young age, Robin has demonstrated that he has learned a lot from working with the Dark Knight and is very determined to make Gotham city a better place, sometimes by any means necessary.

3 Dash And Violet

Dash and Violet Incredibles Pixar

Dash and Violet are pretty great heroes in their own right despite their age. To protect them, though, their parents usually make them wait behind so that they don’t come into any danger. Yet, in doing so, they greatly undervalue their skills.

The sequel to the hit Pixar film managed to rely upon their powers a little more, as their parents were taken out of action. They demonstrated that they really did have what it takes to stand alone against dangerous foes.

2 Lilo

Lilo and Stitch Disney

It’s probably fair to consider Stich as the protagonist of this Disney series, but Lilo can be considered his equal in many ways. What’s more, Lilo is often the sidekick to her older sister Nani, who takes care of her.

Lilo has been the damsel in distress a few times, but she also managed to save Stitch from being taken from Earth and managed to get him into a loving home. She’s since become a huge part of getting the other experiments into the right places.

1 Shuri

Shuri Black Panther Marvel

Shuri is one of the most intelligent women in the Marvel Universe and is a key part of the Wakandan royal family. Not only has she become a massive part of their technological innovation, but she’s also vital in combat.

Her gadgets and weapons have protected Wakanda on multiple occasions and she has actually entered the fray herself. She is only a teenager and yet she has been responsible for protecting her home nation more than many other citizens of Wakanda.

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