5 Characters We Want On Our Team In A Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 We Don’t)


The Friends gang struggles enough with adulthood, so how would these sitcom characters do in a zombie outbreak? Would Ross, Rachel and co. survive?

For the main characters on Friends, adulting is tough. Everything from romantic relationships to getting that dream job is a struggle, and if zombies invaded New York City, the gang would think that they had the worst luck ever.

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After taking a bit of time for self-pity, the characters would ready to fight… or at least some of them would Although most of the main characters are easy to like, not everyone could be the hero in this type of scenario. It would definitely be fun to see who could take on a zombie and who might find a good hiding place.

10 Want: Ross Geller

Ross is shocked


There are so many reasons to feel sorry for Ross. Indeed, Monica’s brother is no stranger to self-pity.

Ross isn’t always the best company or in a chipper mood, but because of his scientific background and dorky personality, he could really shine here. His friends would be surprised by how capable he was during this crisis and while he might not believe in himself, he would still figure out how to survive.

9 Don’t Want: Rachel Green

Rachel goes through many changes over 10 seasons but remains pretty self-absorbed.

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Rachel might not be the best teammate to have during a zombie apocalypse. Between being scared and worrying if her hair and outfit still looked cute, she wouldn’t have everyone’s best interests at heart. While Rachel has some endearing and positive qualities, she’s not a leader like her friend Monica, and she doesn’t know as much as her major love interest Ross.

8 Want: Monica Geller

Monica is always full of ideas to improve her life… and everyone else’s. Sure, her pals might not want to hear her thoughts or criticisms, but she does care about them.

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From cleaning her apartment obsessively to cooking all the time, Monica is all about domestic bliss, and she’s a homebody. But if there were zombies, she would want to be completely in control. She would tell everyone to head to Central Perk and would make it the headquarters.

7 Don’t Want: Gunther

James Michael Tyler

Gunther doesn’t really spend much time with the gang on Friends, as he’s a minor character, and he wouldn’t be much help during a zombie apocalypse.

It’s likely that he would find a place to hide in the coffee shop, but that wouldn’t do anyone much good. Even if he was able to survive, he wouldn’t be participating in the team effort to find a new way of life.

6 Want: Chandler Bing

Chandler character has faced hard times, and that would give him a leg up during a zombie apocalypse.

Chandler doesn’t think that he’s the most handsome or the most intelligent person in a room, and he cracks a lot of self-deprecating jokes. Because he can put his ego aside, he would want to help the others fighting off zombies. He would be both friendly and willing to do anything that people needed.

5 Don’t Want: Joey Tribbiani

Joey is close with Chandler and Ross, but he would be absolutely petrified of a zombie apocalypse.

It’s easy to imagine Joey enjoying a nice sandwich or piece of pizza… only to be eaten by a zombie who caught him at a bad time. He wouldn’t stay alive for that long and he would be so freaked out that he wouldn’t be able to think clearly.

4 Want: Richard Burke

While Richard has probably never even thought about a zombie, he would still do a good job if dealing with an outbreak.

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He would tell everyone to stay calm and they would listen, as he has an intelligent and commanding presence. He’s much older than Monica and her friends, and while that’s a massive issue when they’re together, it could be a positive thing here. He has a paternal presence and people would want to follow whatever he said.

3 Don’t Want: Janice

Screenshot Friends Janice Season Ten Final Appearence

Friends fans don’t love Janice and it’s hard to think that anyone would want her on their team if there were zombies in Manhattan.

She is a nerve-racking person to be around as she tends to get really upset and scared even when nothing is going wrong. If she saw a zombie, she would likely never stop shrieking, and the others would want to get far away from her. She doesn’t have any leadership qualities, either.

2 Want: Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe  is her own person, and she probably wouldn’t be that shocked to see zombies heading for Central Perk or roaming around Manhattan. At first, she would smile like it was a sight that she saw every day while grabbing her morning coffee.

By the time she realized the zombies were real — and a bad thing — she wouldn’t be as scared as her friends. She would have an unconventional plan and since she’s so charming and funny, everyone would stop and pay attention.

1 Don’t Want: Mike Hannigan

Screenshot Friends Mike Season ten Series Finale

While Phoebe had her pick of men, Mike is definitely a sweet partner and it’s nice to see them live happily ever after.

Mike, however, wouldn’t be a great person to have on a team trying to beat zombies. He’s a good guy, but because he was raised in a wealthy family, he hasn’t really learned how to struggle. It seems like he would have trouble dealing with his world being turned upside down and he might freeze instead of being of any use to anyone.

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