5 Ways Nick & Schmidt Were The Show’s Best Friends (& 5 Ways Jess & Cece Were)


Who doesn’t love a good television friendship? Among the many shows that portray young adults getting by between jobs and romances, FOX’s New Girl had its fair share of interesting characters with unconventional friendships. The show ended in 2018 after 7 seasons and is currently available on Netflix.

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Through 7 seasons, the audience had the chance to watch Jess’ gang share victories and defeats, developing and strengthening their friendships along the way. But two very special bonds were already sturdy when the show started. Nick and Schmidt had been friends since college, and Jess and Cece met in elementary school; here is a list of the most heartwarming moments the duos shared.

10 Nick & Schmidt: Husband Material


After getting yelled at by a man in a traffic mishap, Schmidt decides to change his tranquil bachelor party to a road trip to Vegas. But his plan to be butch leads him to a bar fight, and minutes before the slugfest, Schmidt admits to Nick how the incident made him feel insecure about not being good enough for Cece. After Nick and Schmidt get whooped by the group of locals outside the bar, the two share a sincere moment in which Nick tells Schmidt he’ll be a caring, attentive, modern husband to Cece the same way he was always an excellent husband to him. Needless to say, but Nick opening his heart is enough to make Schmidt forget all about his doubts.

9 Jess & Cece: The Threat

This scene in the pilot episode of New Girl is enough to establish Cece’s character and how much Jess means to her. Until this point, the audience knew only that Cece was a model and Jess’s best friend, but when she comes over to help Jess get ready for her rebound date with Peter, they also learn she’s a badass.

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Alone with the new roommates, while Jess gets ready in her bedroom, Cece straight-forward threatens to crazy murder them if they ever hurt Jess, the best person she’s ever met. Her warning works to scare the men and makes the audience immediately love the women’s friendship.

8 Nick & Schmidt: The Friendship Cookie

In the fifth episode of the second season, Schmidt buys Nick a cookie just because he was thinking about his best friend. The nice gesture makes Nick confused, and when he admits to never thinking about Schmidt, the two have a fight. Bad at expressing his feelings, Nick reveals to Jess he doesn’t know how to return Schmidt’s love. Nick finally buys Schmidt a cookie in an attempt to get even, but it’s when he cries for always letting Schmidt down that the two realize they truly love each other, just in different ways.

7 Jess & Cece: First Student

Jess gets offered a full-time job at the children’s museum, but that means she’ll have to give up her teaching career. Unsure whether or not to take the offer, and with only 20 minutes to make the decision, she asks the gang for help. Nick, Schmidt, Coach, and Winston share their own career journeys but cannot offer any useful advice. With less than 2 minutes to go, Cece comes to the rescue. As her best friend, she immediately knows what to say; Cece reminds Jess of how she was her first student, and the sweet memory of their friendship origin story leads Jess to turn down the better paying job and follow her true calling.

6 Nick & Schmidt: The Best Man Proposal

After Schmidt and Cece get engaged, Schmidt knows no one is better fitted to be his best man than his best friend from college. But Schmidt, being the big-hearted romantic that he is, turns the question into a fairy-tale proposal. He gets down on one knee, ring in hand, and pops the question to Nick.

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This emotionally hilarious scene is in season 5’s opening episode, “Big Mama P,” and it gets even funnier when Nick pretends to be caught off guard and unsure about being on the same page. The cherry on top of this cute moment is when Winston joins in the friends’ hug.

5 Jess & Cece: The Beard

In season 2, Jess tries to help overwhelmed bride-to-be Cece by suggesting she takes a nap after finishing having her hands hennaed for the wedding. Unfortunately, this leads to Cece getting her henna all over her face. Jess, who has a full plate with her new job, her dad in town, and having slept with Nick for the first time, drops everything to help her bestie. Yes, she temporarily makes things worse when she turns the tattoo design into a full-on beard, but then she does what only a best-friend can do: convince Cece to do the hard but right thing: tell the truth to Cece’s fiancee, Shivrang.

4 Nick & Schmidt: 10-Year Anniversary Party

After celebrating paper and wood anniversaries, the time comes for Nick and Schmidt to celebrate tin: 10 years of sharing the same roof. Excited about the milestone and ready to make the moment special, Schmidt plans a masculine garden party, but everything goes wrong after Nick fails to be helpful and accuses Schmidt of being condescending. But it’s when Cece gets engaged to her boyfriend, Shivrang, that Schmidt’s night hits rock bottom. A good friend that he is, Nick comes to the rescue. Inside a hot air balloon that can’t fly because Nick didn’t know it needed propane, the two best friends celebrate their 10-year-old friendship.

3 Jess & Cece: The Hard Truth

Jess throws Cece the bachelorette party of her dreams, but everything changes when Cece brings her fiancee’s aunt to the party and asks the girls to keep the event G-rated. Jess, who knows Cece has always dreamt about a dirty bachelorette party, questions her attitude, and the two friends fight.

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The argument escalates when Jess tells Cece the hard truth: she should not marry Shivrang if it means changing who she truly is. Though Cece is not happy about Jess’s comment, the prophecy does come true later on, and they call off the wedding.

2 Nick & Schmidt: Michael Keaton

New Girl S3E06 Keaton

When Schmidt’s father and mother get divorced, 7-year-old Schmidt has a hard time handling his feelings. To help him boost his confidence, his mother pretends to be Michael Keaton and writes him letters. The tactic works, which leads Nick to repeat the trick in college every time his friend goes through a rough patch. Years later, Schmidt hits rock bottom again after breaking up with Cece and Elizabeth, and the friends take over the Keaton role. But Nick decides it’s time to reveal Keaton’s true identity. Schmidt gets upset at first, but then he realizes how much better it is to learn that his hero was his best friend all along.

1 Jess & Cece: The First Fight

In season 4, episode “Girl Fight,” Jess and Cece face their first fight in 20 years of friendship. Used to resolving their disagreements with passive-aggressive comments, the two besties enter the uncharted territory of confrontation. This unleashes 20 years of arguments that never happened, escalating to a fistfight. But in the end, while recovering in the hospital, the two women makeup and agree on how important they are to each other. And that is the true proof of friendship, the ability to recover from a fight.

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