Control Gets Delayed On Next-Gen Consoles Following Controversy


The next-gen upgrade of Control Ultimate Edition is being delayed to 2021, amidst outrage that it’s the only version of the game getting upgraded.

The controversial next-gen upgrade of Control Ultimate Edition has been delayed to early 2021. The Ultimate Edition of the game comes with all DLC that has been released for the game, including the major AWE expansion pack that serves as the first crossover between Control and Remedy’s earlier supernatural thriller Alan Wake.

But the more controversial feature in the Ultimate Edition is its relationship with the game’s next-gen upgrade. Publisher 505 Games claims that players will only be able to upgrade Control to the PS5 or Xbox Series X if they have the Ultimate Edition. If they bought the base game at launch and then bought the DLC over time, they have to purchase all the content they already paid for all over again. While 505 insisted that this was necessary due to technical limitations, fans weren’t convinced, especially when random customers began getting upgraded to the Ultimate Edition at no extra cost.

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Amidst this controversy, Remedy Entertainment has announced on Twitter that the next-gen upgrade is being delayed. Players on next-gen hardware can expect the upgrade to arrive in early 2021, but a specific date has not been given. The team cites a desire “the final quality of the game to be awesome” as the primary reason for this delay. The Tweet does mention Control Ultimate Edition by name, indicating that 505 has not gone back on its insistence that the Ultimate Edition is necessary to enjoy the full potential of the game on the new consoles.

Understandably, there’s a lot of outrage from fans in the comments of this post. A lot of players recognize, however, that Remedy isn’t the one responsible for the high premium attached to the upgrade, and that players should lodge their complaints at 505 instead. It’s a disappointing situation for a lot of reasons; for instance, many fans who don’t have an Ultimate Edition are probably more loyal players who picked up the game closer to its release, before the Ultimate Edition was even a thing. It seems starkly unfair for 505 to charge its most enthusiastic patrons extra, but at the same time, the upgraded version is likely to look remarkable on the next-gen hardware. The game’s surprise Switch port already looks amazing as the first game on the Switch with ray-tracing; Remedy is certain to deliver some great things with the help of next-generation technology.

Remedy has produced something very special with Control. The game went from a buggy, underwhelming launch to one of the biggest games of 2019. It became such a success that Remedy based an entire interconnected universe around it. If Remedy Entertainment needs more time to put the next-gen version together, that’s probably for the best. It’s just a pity that not every fan will be able to experience it without shelling out more money.

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