What Animal Crossing Villagers Are The Most Misunderstood


Many Animal Crossing villagers are wrongfully hated. Here are the top most misunderstood characters, and why they deserve better.

With almost 400 different Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers, there are going to be those who are loved, hated, and everything in between. Some of the most disliked Animal Crossing characters are also some of the most misunderstood, and this article highlights those that are not nearly as bad as many fans make them out to be.

There are quite a few hated Animal Crossing villagers. Many times, this is purely due to design, as many players like to keep an “aesthetically pleasing” island. Sometimes, a combination of an “ugly” villager with a certain personality type can make them all the more appalling. For example, Rodney in New Horizons is one of the most despised villagers, not only due to his strung-out appearance but also his unwarranted smug personality. Smug personality types only tend to be well-received if the villager is attractive. Similarly, pushy sisterly types and self-centered snooty villagers are often abhorred if they don’t have a comely facade.

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Of course, this is all subjective, and out of millions of Animal Crossing fans, surely someone out there holds villagers like Rodney in high regard. Countless other villagers are often loathed for similar reasons, and a handful are featured here as some of Animal Crossing’s most misunderstood. Here’s why these poor animals deserve more positive recognition.

Misunderstood Animal Crossing Villagers: Barold

Barold Animal Crossing

Image Source: Alachua County Library District

Sure, Barold’s surveillance-filled home of security cameras doesn’t help his already creepily-perceived demeanor, but as a short, lazy cub, Barold is one of the sweetest, most laid-back Animal Crossing villagers one can have as a neighbor. His soft-spoken voice mixed with his stubble is goofy, and although his yellow-striped shirt and lips are a bit distracting, this little guy is about as friendly as they come.

Misunderstood Animal Crossing Villagers: Jambette

Jambette ACNH

Image Source: RandomRam/YouTube

Speaking of lips, Jambette’s notoriously thick lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow are arguably what makes her so unloved in the Animal Crossing community. The loud makeup comes off as trashy, and she’s often mistaken for a snooty villager. Yet this frog is actually a normal type, which are super caring and almost motherly towards the player. They tend to have a lower self-worth, but they are always hospitable, friendly, and concerned for others’ wellbeing. Those who can get past Jambette’s features will find she’s actually an angel in disguise.

Misunderstood Animal Crossing Villagers: Lionel

Lionel ACNH

Lionel gets a lot of flack, likely due to his smug personality in New Horizons, though many consider him unattractive too. He sometimes hurts the feelings of other villagers, which is another reason why people tend to hate him, especially if it involves one of their favorites. Yet this cool cat’s design radiates more of an esteemed professor vibe than that of a common bully. The guy just has standards. Plus, he has a music hobby and is often found singing near a music player, which is just downright adorable.

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Misunderstood Animal Crossing Villagers: Hazel

Hazel ACNH

Image Source: PR0MAN1/Reddit

There is a lot working against poor Hazel: Her prominent unibrow and unfortunate matching catchphrase of “uni-wow” are probably her most defining and hated characteristics. She’s also a sisterly type, which, although caring, can also be very straightforward, so many interpret as rude. Her bowl cut bangs don’t help, either. Yet some of these features are also the very reason why many others love her. Having such confidence while rocking the unibrow is reminiscent of renowned artist Frida Kahlo, making Hazel a rather cool villager packed into a cute little squirrel body.

Misunderstood Animal Crossing Villagers: Tom Nook

Tom Nook ACNH

Tom Nook may not be thought of as a typical villager, but the Nook Inc. founder may just be the most misunderstood character in New Horizons. This may largely be due to how shady he was portrayed in previous Animal Crossing titles, where he’d upgrade players’ homes without their consent, burying them in unsolicited debt. He’s still notorious for indebting players, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, he always does all of the work upfront. Yes, players must pay off loans to continue upgrading their homes, but what self-respecting businessperson would keep working for free? He charges no interest and has no penalties for players who haven’t paid off their final upgrade. He’s just savvy with money and good at motivating players towards a better life!

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