World Beyond Characters Could Return In Spinoff Show


The Walking Dead: World Beyond showrunner Matthew Negrete says some of the show’s characters could reappear on Tales of the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond characters could return in anthology-style spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead. As part of its on-going universe expansion, TWD this year introduced its second spinoff show following a group of young characters facing the world ten years after the zombie apocalypse brought down civilization.

Fans of course were largely interested in World Beyond due to its promised connection to the CRM group, the mysterious organization responsible for snatching a near death Rick Grimes. Indeed, the show’s early episodes delivered on teases about CRM and its shady activities being further revealed while also introducing its new set of protagonists and their dangerous mission across zombie-infested territory. Unlike the previous two TWD series, the flagship show and Fear the Walking Dead, this new series has a definite endpoint set as it’s planned to run for two seasons before wrapping up its narrative.

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But fans are quickly learning that when it comes to The Walking Dead, characters often have lives outside the shows where they’re first introduced (Fear the Walking Dead has indeed become a soft landing spot for discarded Walking Dead characters), and the same could happen for the young heroes of World Beyond. Speaking to Collider, showrunner Matt Negrete said fans may see these characters again after the show wraps up its run, either in a third season or elsewhere:

Right now, the plan is for a two-year season, so we’ve been writing towards an ending at the end of Season 2 and that’s what we’re gonna keep doing. If AMC’s plans change, there is a part of me that feels like I could write these characters for much longer than that. If not, then creatively I think that the audience will feel satisfied with where things end, at the end of Season 2. There is a possibility of these characters appearing on Tales of the Walking Dead, whether it’s a glimpse at their past or an opportunity to see where they are in the future, after the show ends. I think all of those things are definitely possibilities.

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It was of course revealed earlier this year that AMC has big plans for its ever-growing TWD universe, with a Carol and Daryl spinoff in the works as well as the anthology-style show Tales of the Walking Dead, which will feature new and old characters. Thus far nothing firm has been stated about which characters from Walking Dead lore may reappear in the new show, but the door has been left open on just about anyone popping up, including TWD characters who died a long time ago.

The anthology style of Tales of the Walking Dead indeed will represent an interesting departure for the franchise, affording a certain amount of freedom when it comes to telling stories outside the structure imposed by having a week-to-week arc. Freedom in fact appears to be the name of the game for TWD going forward, as World Beyond also changes things up by setting a two-season limit on its story, allowing writers to steer things in a definite direction instead of playing the normal TWD game of dragging things out interminably with no seeming aim. Of course, it’s fair to ask if the characters of The Walking Dead: World Beyond have grabbed audiences enough that they’d even want to see them again in the anthology show. TWD obviously has featured many memorable characters over the years, and the kids of World Beyond may one day join the likes of Glenn, Carl and Sasha in fans’ hearts, but it’s really too soon to say.

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