10 Best Lucifer Guest Stars, Ranked


As a police procedural with a supernatural twist, Lucifer has had its fill of guest stars. Between criminals, witnesses, and divine beings, there’s ample opportunity for casting. Some of these actors are pretty obscure and unknown, but others have some claim to fame through TV shows, commercials, and other popular media. This is Lucifer after all, the Devil’s in the details.

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Here are the 10 best guest stars on Lucifer, ranked.

10 God Johnson – Timothy Omundson


From the Season 2 episode of the same name, “God” Johnson is played by Timothy Omundson. The episode is downright hilarious, featuring a slow-motion scene of Lucifer and God Johnson walking through absolute chaos and Lucifer partially questioning if he is indeed the Devil.

Omundson is probably most known for his role as Carlton Lassiter from Psych. Recently, he was in the second Psych movie that premiered on Peacock, Psych 2: Lassie Come Home. Outside of that, Omundson played King Richard in the musical comedy series Galavant and had a guest star role on This Is Us as Gregory.

9 Uriel – Michael Imperioli

Uriel, played by Michael Imperioli, was introduced in the Season 2 episode “Weaponizer.” Descending to Earth in order to send the Goddess (aka “Mum”) back to Hell – or to erase her entire existence from the universe, either will do – Uriel makes the fatal mistake of threatening one Detective Chloe Decker. The episode ends with absolute heartbreak and all involved give some stellar performances.

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Imperioli fits in with the cast perfectly. Uriel exudes smugness, backed up by his ability to see and manipulate patterns, and with Azrael’s blade, he’s a force to be reckoned with. It’s a far departure from Imperioli’s most notable role, Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos. Despite his brief appearance, Imperioli had an incredibly crucial role to play and the effects of his actions ripple well into Season 3.

8 Father Kinley/Dromos – Graham McTavish

Most viewers probably know Graham McTavish as Dougal Mackenzie from Outlander, but for those who didn’t, yes, this man was putting on an American accent. However, the ability to play two very different characters and make them so distinct is why McTavish makes the list.

At the beginning of Season 4, McTavish plays Father Kinley. Obsessed with a prophecy concerning Lucifer’s first love and the end of the world, Kinley makes it his mission to permanently send Lucifer back to Hell. Later on, McTavish plays a completely different character: Dromos the demon. For anyone familiar with McTavish, getting to see his large range of acting is a complete joy.

7 Voice of God – Neil Gaiman

In the best meta move, Neil Gaiman provided the Voice of God in the Season 3 episode “Once Upon a Time.” The episode explores an alternate universe where Chloe’s father never died. Despite this, Chloe and Lucifer still meet and solve a murder.

Obviously, this was way before Season 5 and the creative team probably weren’t going to introduce God as a physical character. Gaiman as the Voice of God fits so well, especially since he created DC’s Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer’s first appearance was in Gaiman’s series The Sandman, and he later received his own title. While the show is a massive departure from the comics, it’s nice to see a nod back to its origins.

6 Azrael – Charlyne Yi

After being mentioned in passing multiple times in Season 2, Season 3 introduces Azrael in the episode “Boo Normal.” On top of meeting Azrael, the audience gets to learn more about Ella’s past. It all ends with a bittersweet reunion between siblings.

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Azrael is played by Charlyne Yi, who’s probably most known as Dr. Chi Park from House. Currently, she does a lot of voice roles, such as all of the Rubies from Steven Universe, Chloe Park from We Bare Bears, and Mai Su from the Netflix animated film Next Gen.

5 Pete Daily – Alexander Koch

Did anyone see this twist coming? Diving more into Ella’s character, she begins dating the apparent nice guy Pete Daily. They’re set up as such a cute couple, with Pete being an awkward nerd who likes the same things Ella does. But it’s apparently all an act since Pete is revealed to be a serial killer.

Alexander Koch plays Pete Daily and does a very good job at portraying a complete sociopath. He’s best known as James “Junior” Rennie from the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome. Though it seems Koch’s role may be over, it’ll impact the rest of Ella’s character arc.

4 Marcus Pierce/Cain – Tom Welling

It feels appropriate that a DC show managed to get a Clark Kent on their cast. Tom Welling joined the cast for Season 3 as Marcus Pierce, better known as Cain. Yeah, that Cain. His role in the season flips between workplace enemy to frienemy to outright villain and it’s fun watching his relationships with the main cast evolve over the season.

Welling is definitely best known as Clark Kent from Smallville, but he shows Lucifer fans that he can just as easily play the villain while also being surprisingly charismatic. Though he had a major role in Season 3, he hasn’t shown up again since (probably because Lucifer murdered him), so he counts as a guest star.

3 Eve – Inbar Lavi

Season 4 introduces the audience to Lucifer’s (supposedly) first love, Eve. Yes, that Eve. Still reeling from everything going on with Chloe, Lucifer and Eve start dating. Of course, this is Lucifer and things can never be that simple.

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Inbar Lavi joins the Season 4 cast and fits in perfectly. The interactions between Eve and Maze are both hilarious and heartbreaking, leading to Maze’s entire Season 5 character arc. There’s been confirmation of Eve returning during the second half of Season 5, so fingers crossed on a reconciliation moment.

2 Sharon Osbourne – Cameo

Nobody was expecting this, so it deserves a place on the list. During the Season 5 episode “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” a murder occurs in the Red Mars Project, a simulation of people living on Mars. As a participant of the program, Sharon Osbourne is brought into questioning by Chloe and Michael – who’s posing as Lucifer.

It’s totally believable that Lucifer helped out Ozzy Osbourne and having Sharon Osbourne deliver the joke is the icing on the cake. The cameo was just so unexpected and definitely a pleasant, hilarious surprise for fans.

1 God – Dennis Haysbert

After 5 seasons, God finally makes an appearance in the episode “Spoiler Alert.” Yes, that’s the title of the episode and it is very appropriately named. During the final big brawl of the season between Amenadiel, Mazikeen, Lucifer, and Michael, a booming voice from the heavens commands them all to stop. And from the stairs descends Dennis Haysbert, now also known as God.

Haysbert will show up more in the final part of Season 5 and his entrance into the show had many fans excited for more. Outside of Lucifer, Haysbert’s credits include President David Palmer from 24 and, most obviously, as the Allstate Insurance Company spokesperson.

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