10 Disney Characters That Became Hilarious Memes


Disney is practically an immortal institution that has become permanently ingrained in today’s popular culture. Like so many things beloved by fans across the globe, the name has also bled its way into internet and meme culture, resulting in many of our favorite characters in some pretty un-Disney situations.

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The clincher for this scenario is that almost no Disney character, princess or otherwise, is immune from being sucked into the internet rabbit hole. What’s even more astounding is that some characters have even become memes of their very own. Wholesome and familiar friends they might be, but they’ve been putting an extra dash of magic on the interwebs.

10 Hipster Ariel


Right out of the gate, everyone’s favorite red-headed mermaid starts the list with a simple yet effective image of Ariel in a pair of hipster glasses usually accompanied by a snarky saying like “___? You mean ___.” or a selection of other hipster-inspired phrases, mainly involving dinglehoppers.

Simple but effective, this meme has not only stood the test of time but has spawned a multitude of cynical spin-off versions as well.

9 Other Hipster Characters

Ariel wasn’t the only Disney character to pick up a pair of Wayfarer glasses and spout off something snarky. Hipster versions of Disney princesses have become such a mainstay in the meme culture that they’ve even made their way into costume territory as well.

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Not just the princesses but even some of Disney’s other players have joined in on the fun, even the likes of Iago, Scar, Gaston, and even the master mouse himself have gained a place of their own behind the glasses and witty banter.

8 Various Paused Characters

There’s a saying amongst certain sects of the Disney fandom, never pause a Disney movie. Why? Because the result might be an image featuring a famous character in the most unflattering position imaginable.

This is especially frequent in traditionally-animated features, as being caught paused mid-action or mid-emotion could expose unpleasant yet necessary animation frames. Thus the meme “Never Pause a Disney Movie” or the less popular “Didney Worl” memes were spawned.

7 Scar Surrounded by Idiots

“I’m surrounded by idiots” is a line that has stood for decades and fans have this ferocious feline to thank for it. Both the line and the image of Scar rubbing his temple have been attached to various text and images of modern human stupidity for years at this point and honestly, how could it not be perfect meme material?

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As long as there are humans on this planet, there will be humans doing dumb things or falling by their own hubris. Ergo, there will always be room for this meme.

6 Buzz’s Academy Training

Don’t worry, Buzz, everyone has a bad day and everyone has days they feel like their training, schooling, or skills are absolutely wasted on the world. Enter the famous line from the space ranger’s miserable meltdown “Years of academy training wasted!” and a meme was born.

Granted, Buzz’s situation was in extreme duress, but that doesn’t stop users from relying on this meme to be facetious, overly-dramatic, or even just a little whiny.

5 Buzz and Woody Everywhere

Also known as “___, ___ everywhere!”, this meme comes from Buzz’s comment from Toy Story 2 about making delicious, hot, schmoes. The meme in question is normally used to acknowledge the presence of an abundance of something, whether good or bad.

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Although the line has nothing to do with the message of the meme, it serves as a perfect example of what one can do with the right paused movie moment.

4 Captain America and Iron Man

Not even the mighty Marvel name is safe from memehood, and the Avengers are responsible for some of the best. Captain America: Civil War is responsible for a meme that is still hot and frequently used even years after the film’s premiere.

Simply put, the Tony vs. Steve meme is used to express the division between two extreme fandoms (i.e. Marvel Vs. DC, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, etc.) and ending with a title card for Civil War. Honestly, there are few better ways to express such a wedge issue.

3 Disney Princesses From Wreck-It Ralph

Disney Princesses Ralph Breaks The Internet

Do you have magic hair, magic hands? Do animals talk to you? Were you poisoned, kidnapped, or enslaved? Do people assume all your problems were solved because a big, strong, man showed up? If yes was the answer to any of these questions, the situation might call for this meme inspired by the cavalcade of princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

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The meme is used to compare anyone, Disney or otherwise, to one of the studio’s royal leading ladies and, in a sense, it’s a jab at their own success.

2 Kermit the Frog

Evil Kermit Meme

Whether it’s “none of his business” or just a discussion with his hooded other-self, Kermit the Frog has definitely become a host for a plethora of different memes. In some of his later performances, Kermit has been a touch on the cynical side, not that anyone is complaining.

So it makes sense that memes of this caliber would fit his rather dry wit and sense of humor. It’s certainly one way to branch out one’s comedic chops.

1 The Child/Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Force Choke Meme 5

And topping the list is everyone’s favorite character from The Mandalorian, The Child. This adorable, 50-year-old infant alien has taken the internet harder than any grumpy cat or Baby Groot, and the memes keep coming every single day.

The cuter the creature acts, the more images the net creates. With the second season already premiering, this is one character that is sure to have a slew of new material before the second episode even drops.

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