10 Quotes From Season 8 That Will Stick With Us Forever


Game of Thrones’ final season was disappointing for fans. But despite its controversy, Arya, Daenerys, Jaime, and co. delivered some memorable lines.

It’s no secret that the final season of Game of Thrones was a huge letdown for many people. While the series as a whole is a stunning television achievement, Season 8 failed to bring the conclusion fans were hoping for. Still, there are plenty of moments from the season that stick with us, for better or worse.

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Though the writing of the season was heavily criticized, there are many memorable lines to look back on. Some are powerful quotes, others are great character moments, and some showcase the season’s missteps. Take a look back at the final season of Game of Thrones and its most memorable quotes.

10 “What Is Dead May Never Die… But Kill The Bastards Anyway.”


The words of House Greyjoy are “What is dead may never die.” Fans have heard these words throughout the whole series, but the final time they are used in an interesting new context.

After redeeming himself by saving his sister, Theon tells Yara he is going back to Winterfell to help fight the Army of the Dead. The siblings seem to understand they will never see each other again. Yara bids farewell with their house words but adds, “But kill the bastards anyway.” It is a clever way of recontextualizing the famous quote.

9 “You Come With Me, You Die Here.”

The relationship between Arya Stark and the Hound is one of the most popular in the series. It is also a rather complicated relationship between two people whose lives are taken over by violence and revenge.

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The two travel together to King’s Landing, each on their own personal quest of revenge. However, as the city burns, the Hound tells Arya to leave and forget about revenge. He tells her that she doesn’t want to be like him and following his path can only result in her death. It is a touching goodbye between these two warriors.

8 “You Were All I Had.”

As one can expect, the final season of the show is filled with tearful goodbyes between characters. Some work better than others, but the one shared between Tyrion Lannister and Jaime Lannister is hard not to get emotional about.

After Jaime is captured by Daenerys’ forces, Tyrion frees him so he can help Cersei escape King’s Landing. Before leaving, Tyrion tearfully thanks Jaime for being the only one who has looked out for him his entire life.

7 “Nothing Else Matters. Only Us.”

Cersei and Jaime's Death in Game of Thrones

While Tyrion tries to provide a way for his siblings to escape Daenerys’ attack, it becomes clear quite quickly that they are both doomed. Jaime manages to find Cersei in the castle and they attempt to escape through the crypts only to find themselves trapped.

As the castle begins the crumble, Jaime comforts Cersei with the same words he told her back in Season 1. The only thing in the world that matters is that they are together. They embrace as they become buried in the rubble.

6 “I Know Death. He Has Many Faces. I Look Forward To Seeing This One.”

Arya Stark Valyrian Steel Darger

By the time the final season began, Arya had already cemented herself as one of the show’s biggest badasses. However, few people predicted that she would be the one who finally took down the Night King and saved the day.

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In fact, this epic moment was hinted at the night before the battle as everyone prepares. Arya is calm leading up to the fight and explains that she has faced death many times before,’ this is just one more of its many faces.

5 “Alright Then, Let It Be Fear.”

Certainly, the biggest controversy of the final season was Daenerys’ abrupt slide into insanity, becoming the villain of the final episodes. This could have been an fascinating development, but many felt it was too rushed.

However, one scene from the penultimate episode did a good job of addressing it. Daenerys came to Westeros as a liberator but was seen as a conqueror. She explains to Jon Snow that he has the people’s love while she only has their fear. After Jon rejects her romance, she accepts her role as a terrifying conqueror.

4 “No One Is Very Happy, Which Means It’s A Good Compromise, I Suppose.”

After Jon kills Daenerys, a council convenes to decide what will be done with him. In the end, it is decided he will be sent back to Castle Black to serve on the Night’s Watch, which is inexplicably still a thing.

Tyrion explains the decision to Jon and says “No one is very happy, which means it’s a good compromise, I suppose.” Though it is certainly not what the writers intended, it’s hard not to hear this line in reference to the reception the final season, and especially this final episode received.

3 “What’s West Of Westeros?”

A lot of the endings for characters were met with a mixed response from fans. However, Arya’s ending seemed to satisfy many people as it fit the character’s journey quite well.

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As Jon is preparing to be sent back to Castle Black, he bids farewell to the other Starks. Arya tells him she will not be returning to Winterfell. Instead, she is heading out to sea. When Jon asks where she is going she responds, “What’s west of Westeros?” hinting at her exploration of the unknown worlds.

2 “And Who Has A Better Story Than Bran The Broken?”

Bran Stark as King in GOT SEASON 8

This is a quote that has stuck with fans since the finale for all the wrong reasons. The entire series had been centered around the question of who would sit on the Iron Throne in the end and the answer to that question was very… questionable.

Tyrion addresses the council by stating that there is nothing more powerful in the world than a good story and that Bran Stark has the best story of all. Not only is the logic of that qualification debatable, but most fans could name a number of characters with a better story than Bran’s.

1 “Rise Ser Brienne Of Tarth, Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms.”

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones

While there were a lot of moments from the final season that the audience hated, there were a few big payoffs that did put a smile on many fans’ faces. But the most heartwarming of all was Brienne of Tarth finally becoming a knight.

After not being taken seriously her whole life, despite being one of the best warriors in Westeros, Brienne is named as a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms before the final battle. To make the moment even sweeter, it is Jaime who has the honor of knighting her. It’s a genuinely moving scene.

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