10 Things About Phyllis Lapin That Make No Sense


Phyllis is an iconic character in The Office. While she is beloved, there are some things about this sitcom character that do not make sense.

The Office is considered by many to be one of the best shows of all time, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. The stellar writing, brilliant storytelling, and a brand of humor that is unlike anything ever seen before all combine to put The Office a cut above the rest of the other shows in this particular genre.

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Of course, it would be impossible to talk about some of the best parts of The Office without mentioning its legendary cast of characters, each of whom adds their own unique charm into scenes to make them just a tad bit more entertaining and memorable for viewers. One such character who certainly personifies this statement is Phyllis, whose infectious and lovable charm always manages to permeate through screens in any scene where she takes center-stage.

That being said, it’s not like Phyllis’ character is perfect — there are actually several things about her that defy all logic and reasoning, to the point where they definitely need to be called out. So, without further ado, here are ten things about Phyllis Lapin that make no sense whatsoever.

10 It’s Weird How Much Crap She Takes From Angela


Phyllis can be somewhat of a pushover at times, and Angela certainly takes full advantage of this by constantly berating and chastising Phyllis, especially during the scenes when the Party Planning Committee holds their meetings.

One can’t deny that there were several times when Angela crossed a line with her behavior… but Phyllis never really raised her voice or took a stand for herself.

9 Angela Should’ve Taken Phyllis’ Threats More Seriously

It was incredibly satisfying when Phyllis found out about Angela’s affair with Dwight and finally got the upper hand on a person who was never nice to her in office.

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However, that being said, there reached a point when Angela decided to call Phyllis’ bluff and exclaimed that she would never reveal her secret. Given how horribly Angela treated Phyllis before this, she should’ve realized that Phyllis had nothing to lose from disclosing this information.

8 Andy Should’ve Been The First One To Know Of Angela’s Improper Behavior

Angela & Andy Bernard

Phyllis is supposed to be a nice person, and while it’s understandable that she would want to hold the information of Angela’s affair over her head in order to give her a comeuppance of sorts, she should’ve ultimately realized that Andy would be the third-party that’s hurt the most in this dynamic.

So, it’s odd that Phyllis ended up revealing the details of Angela’s affair to everyone… BUT the person who should’ve known this from the get-go!

7 Reading And Physically Reacting To Adult Books In The Workplace Is Just Plain Wrong

the office Phyllis Lapin

There’s a rather funny gag where Phyllis starts listening to an adult audiobook in the office and starts… reacting to it, for lack of a more tasteful phrase.

A person like Phyllis should’ve been the first one to realize how ridiculously inappropriate this behavior is, and not even let something like this happen in the first place.

6 It’s Weird How She Never Decided To Track Down The Child She Gave Up

During the episode when Erin tries to figure out the identity of her parents, Phyllis randomly drops a major truth bomb about the fact that she had a child early on that she gave away for personal reasons.

While this ultimately turned out to be nothing more than a red herring for Erin’s plot, it’s weird as to why Phyllis never really bothered to look up the whereabouts of her child… especially after seeing how desperately Erin was seeking for her parents!

5 She Shouldn’t Be Proud About Her Husband Beating Up People Who Hit On Her

While it’s great that Phyllis is married to someone who loves her and never fails to show it, there are times when this obsession can reach some truly disturbing heights.

The worst example of this is when she brags about how she gets hit on at bars, only for her husband to come bursting onto the scene and beating the person who was making a move on her.

For someone who’s supposed to be a kind person, Phyllis can be awful at times. Speaking of which…

4 She Can Be Unnecessarily Mean To Pam At Times

Pam is one of the sweetest characters in The Office, and it can be hard to have any issues with her. However, for some reason, Phyllis always goes out of her way to make this person feel horrible at times.

After Pam and Jim’s relationship was made public, Phyllis went out of her way to make unnecessary comments about how Pam shouldn’t give all the best leads to Jim because of their dynamic. She also made comments about Pam becoming a saleswoman, and even stole all the ideas for her wedding!

3 It’s Weird How She Doesn’t Want The New Manager To Be A Woman

While this may be a minor point, the fact that Phyllis hates the idea of a woman manager is rather odd indeed, especially considering her own position!

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Surely she should’ve realized the hypocrisy of her thinking when she uttered this statement? It seems not, since this errant piece of dialogue is used merely for comedic effect instead of trying to address something more serious.

2 She Should’ve Lambasted Michael For Trying To Ruin Her Wedding

Michael, Phyllis, and Albert in The Office episode 'Phyllis' Wedding'

We’ve already spoken about how Phyllis basically stole all the ideas for her wedding from Pam, so it was certainly nice to see that she got a comeuppance of sorts when Michael decided to inadvertently screw up the celebrations by trying to make himself the center of attention.

Of course, if Phyllis had been smart enough, then…

1 She Should Never Have Invited Michael In The First Place

Michael calls the wedding early in The Office episode 'Phyllis' Wedding'

Phyllis knew everything about Michael’s narcissism, so it was somewhat odd of her to ask him to take up such a major spot in her wedding celebrations.

Surely she would’ve expected that Michael would go off the deep end — like always — and try to make Phyllis’ wedding about himself!

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