Apple’s iPhone 12 Studio Lets Users Design Their New Phone


Apple’s made it easier to check how iPhone 12 colors combine or clash with the MagSafe cases and wallet using Studio, but product choices are limited.

Having released so many accessories with the iPhone 12, Apple must have realized that many shoppers would like the opportunity to see them alongside the phone so that they could design a look to suit their individual tastes, which is why it has launched the iPhone 12 Studio. There are several color choices and four models of the iPhone 12, ranging in size from the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini to the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple also announced several MagSafe accessories at the same time as the device, including a wireless charger, cases in various colors, sleeves, and even a card wallet that attached to the rear of the phone magnetically.

Apple has a similar design studio for the Apple Watch, allowing the customer to choose the Series 3, Series 6, or SE model. For each, the available case, colors, and finishes are listed, allowing them to be seen face-on and at a three-quarter profile view. For the Apple Watch, bands are an important decision and all of Apple’s bands are listed along with available colors. Progressing through the design studio allows the shopper to test out various combinations virtually, reducing the need to visit a retail store. Prices are shown as the complete Apple Watch is built. When satisfied with the design and price, clicking save will take the customer directly to the cart with that particular design pre-loaded and ready to purchase. It’s quite convenient and feels like the correct direction for shopping to evolve.

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The new iPhone 12 Studio does much the same, allowing shoppers to design a color combination that best suits their style preferences. Naturally, the first choice is which size and model of iPhone 12 is of interest. There is a nice spinning animation that shows every angle of the phone selected when scrolling to the next section. Then comes color choices. It’s possible to back up and change any of the details without losing later choices, with no particular step being critical. Indeed, it’s better to just have fun with the color combinations. Note that the iPhone Pro models will display over a dark background, while the standard iPhone models will appear on a white background, the same theme Apple followed on its product pages. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini come in five colors and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max have four colors available. Unlike the Apple Watch Studio, the iPhone 12 Studio does not give any prices at any stage of the design process.

iPhone 12 Accessory Choices

Apple iPhone 12 Studio splash screen many designs


After deciding on an iPhone 12 model, size, and color, Apple makes it easy to try on different cases to check how the combination will look. Of course, most of the phone color is hidden by a case, but a little shows through at the camera and the Lightning port. Currently, Apple only shows the eight colors available with its MagSafe Silicone Cases. Neither the clear polycarbonate case nor the leather cases are shown as an option in the iPhone 12 Studio. Perhaps this will change in the future. Again, no prices are shown in the design phase, but the silicone cases are currently $49. Finally, Apple allows the shopper to try the MagSafe Leather Wallet, which adds $59 to the cost. The wallet comes in four colors. It’s easy to switch between iPhone, case, and wallet to try different color combinations. Switching to another iPhone 12 model or size leaves the color design view, but the previous choices are retained and appear on the new phone selection.

When the design is complete and the customer is satisfied, it is possible to add a name to the design. Then, some image choices are given that lay it out nicely for sharing in a portrait or landscape orientation. It’s likely that Apple’s plan is to have iPhone 12 designs go viral on the internet. However, as a shopping tool, the usefulness of the iPhone 12 Studio is limited. Unlike the Apple Watch Studio, the iPhone 12 Studio doesn’t give pricing or pre-load a shopping cart for easy purchase. Instead, the buy button simply directs the customer to the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro order page, losing all of their style preferences. This seems like a missed opportunity for Apple, but perhaps the iPhone 12 Studio will be updated with more accessories and better shopping cart integration in the future.

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