Everything We Know About Michael B. Jordan’s Static Shock Movie


Michael B. Jordan is producing a Static Shock live-action movie for Warner Bros. and DC Films. Here’s everything we know about the project.

A live-action Static Shock movie is in development at Warner Bros., and here’s everything we know about the upcoming superhero movie. Created in 1993 at Milestone Comics, Virgil Hawkins aka Static Shock was introduced to comic fans in an effort to bolster the number of heroes of color. As a teenage hero, he was designed in the same archetype as Spider-Man. Static became a very popular character during his time with Milestone, and DC kept the character in the mainstream even after Milestone’s comic division shut down.

Although it wasn’t until 2010 that Static officially was reborn as part of the DC universe, an animated Static Shock TV show launched in 2000. It ran for four seasons containing a total of 52 episodes, with Static going on to appear in Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice. Despite his continued popularity, it wasn’t until 2020 that news surfaced of WB putting plans in place to make a movie. Reginald Hudlin revealed at DC FanDome that a live-action Static Shock movie is in the works. The movie will come after Milestone’s comic relaunch in 2021, which will start with a digital series for Static.

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In the months since the live-action Static Shock movie was announced, it has been revealed that Michael B. Jordan has joined the project. As a major comic book fan and Static fan, Jordan will use his star power to help push Static Shock forward as a producer. He’s no stranger to comic book movies after roles in Fantastic 4 and Black Panther, while Jordan also launched the Netflix superhero series Raising Dion based on the comics of the same name. With the excitement surrounding Jordan’s involvement, here’s what we know about Static Shock.

Static Shock Cast & Crew


The Static Shock movie currently does not have a director, writer, or any cast members attached. Reginald Hudlin is involved in some capacity, which will likely turn out to be as a producer. He does have directing and writing experience, though, but it is unconfirmed if he will tackle either job for Static Shock. We also know that Michael B. Jordan is set to produce the film. He is not going to star as Virgil Hawkins and currently does not have a role at all, even though he could wind up playing a supporting character. So far, it has not been announced who will play Static.

Static Shock Release Date

Static Shock DC

Warner Bros. and DC Films have yet to give Static Shock an official release date. When Hudlin first mentioned the movie at DC FanDome, many hoped that confirmation of the movie’s development could come quickly from the studio. Instead, WB has yet to reveal when it will come out. The announcement of when Static Shock will be released will likely have to wait until the movie’s creative team has been assembled.

Static Shock Will Launch A New Universe

Michael B Jordan Static Shock

One potentially big reveal that Michael B. Jordan provided about Static Shock is that it will launch a new universe. In his statement about the news he was producing the movie, Jordan said, “I’m proud to be a part of building a new universe centered around black superheroes; our community deserves that.” This indicates that the movie will not be set in the same universe as other DC movies or the DC Extended Universe. Instead, Static Shock could be a launching pad for other Milestone characters to get movies. If everything goes well, though, perhaps the multiverse would allow Static to crossover with other DC characters down the road.

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