How to Drift Correctly (Tips, Tricks, & Techniques)


One of the most important aspects of winning races in Dirt 5 is knowing how to properly drift. This guide shows players how they can drift.

The newest addition in the long-running Dirt series has finally arrived, and players have the opportunity to hop behind the wheel of dozens of different vehicles as they race in various locations. Dirt 5 is even more realistic than previous editions of the franchise, so players will need to become very acquainted with the mechanics and controls if they want to cross the finish line ahead of their opponents.

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By far the most important thing for players to learn how to do in Dirt 5 is drift properly. In many games like Need For Speed, drifting has a very arcadey floaty feeling to it that doesn’t feel very realistic. In Dirt 5 however, drifting much more resembles what it would in a real life situation. Players not only need to understand when to use the mechanic but also how their car will handle on different surfaces. This guide shows players how to drift properly.

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Dirt 5: How to Properly Drift

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Throughout the many different courses in Dirt 5, there is a vast assortment of tight turns that players will be unable to conquer without drifting. Drifting allows the player to turn sharply and quickly while still conserving some of their momentum. The trick to drifting is that players will want to be on the outside edge of a turn and begin slowing down a little bit when they make their approach. As soon as the player enters the turn they will want to pull their emergency brake and swing their car around the turn. It can take a lot of practice to get the speed and timing correct, but with practice, it will come.

Where this gets more difficult though is that there are a bunch of surfaces throughout Dirt 5 that will hinder a player’s ability to drift. The two most difficult conditions to deal with are snow and rain. If it is raining heavily players will want to try and maintain throttle control as much as possible, which means not slowing down or speeding up very quickly after drifting or they will spin out. Snow on the other hand makes it very difficult to maintain traction, so players will need to maintain their momentum as much as possible while racing. This means widening turns as much as possible and not slowing down too much when attempting a drift. The best way to win more often in Dirt 5 is for players to understand their terrain more properly.

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Dirt 5 can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation, PC, Google Stadia, Xbox One X and PlayStation 5.

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