How to Find (& Catch) Salamence in Pokémon: Crown Tundra


Salamance is one of the strongest Dragon-type Pokemon from the Hoenn region. This guide will show where players can find and capture it.

Salamance is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon: Crown Tundra. This guide will help players locate and capture this Pokemon. Pokemon: Sword & Shield recently released the second half of its expansion pass. With both the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra now available, the Galar region has received over 200 older Pokemon from previous generations, new story scenarios to complete, two giant wild areas to explore, and several new legendary Pokemon to discover. The DLC builds on the existing story and allows players to bring over their old teams from their initial playthrough. Salamance, a Pokemon that was previously cut from the game to save time is now available in the Crown Tundra. This guide will help trainers locate it.

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Salamence is one of the Pokemon that represents a trend with every generation. Every generation comes along with a Dragon-type Pokemon that acts as the pseudo-legendary, a Pokemon that has stats similar to those of a legendary Pokemon. Typically, these are incredibly challenging to capture and raise them to be viable or don’t appear in the game until the very end. Pokemon like Dragonite and Dragapult are considered pseudo-legendaries and have also been added into the game. This guide will show where players can find Salamance in the Crown Tundra.

Where To Find Salamance in Pokemon: Crown Tundra

Salamence in the Pokemon anime


Salamance in an exclusive Pokemon to Pokemon Sword. For Pokemon Shield players, they will need to trade with a friend. A neat gameplay addition to Pokemon: Sword & Shield is the fact that many high-level Pokemon can be found wandering about in the Wild Area in their final form, making it much easier to capture and raise these creatures. Normally, players would need to find a Bagon, the pre-evolved form of Salamance, and raise it to a high enough level. Here, players can find Salamance in two key locations.

  • Tunnel To The Top
  • Path To The Peak

Both key locations in the Crown Tundra, located near the very top of the mountain. Players will be able to find Salamance wandering about in the cave. Pokemon: Sword & Shield will likely come to a close with the release of the Crown Tundra. There are currently no plans to release more content for the game outside of small free updates. It is likely Game Freak is already working towards the next mainline Pokemon title. Regardless, the Pokemon: Sword & Shield expansion pass has been one of the greatest aspects of the Galar region.

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Pokemon: Crown Tundra is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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