Knull Will Impact The Entire Marvel Universe


In a recent interview, King in Black’s lead writer reveals that Knull’s invasion will effect and involve every hero across the Marvel Universe.

Marvel’s King in Black is coming soon, seeing Knull, the Symbiote God, finally making his way to Earth to begin his invasion. In a recent interview with CBR, lead writer Donny Cates shared that the symbiote attack won’t just affect Earth’s symbiote heroes and villains. Instead, King in Black will involve characters from all over the Marvel Universe, as this invasion will come from all corners of the globe, requiring everyone to stand and fight the oncoming hordes.

Recently in the Marvel Universe, the twisted and serial-killing symbiote Carnage forced Venom into making an extremely hard call in the Absolute Carnage event: he could either save his son Dylan, or unleash Knull upon the universe and more than likely doom Earth to his evil power. For Eddie Brock, this wasn’t much of a choice at all, and Venom chose to save his son. From that point in 2019, Knull has been making his way to Earth to destroy and bond the planet into his massive symbiote army. However, it’s only been within the last few issues of Donny Cates’ Venom that Eddie has confessed his actions and Knull’s arrival to the rest of the Avengers, leaving only a few short months to come up with some sort of plan to prepare for the attack.

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Now, Donny Cates has revealed that the invasion will definitely be an all-hands on deck situation, and every hero will have no choice but to join the fight in repelling his forces, including the X-Men. Cates expressed his excitement about working with the mutants of Krakoa, and revealed that he’s also received help from X-Men’s lead writer Jonathan Hickman for guidance, along with Avengers’ Jason Aaron and Fantastic Four’s Dan Slott. Furthermore, when it comes to the rest of the Marvel Universe, Cates had this to say in his interview with CBR:

“No one is looking up at the sky, watching a billion dragons make landfall and going, ‘Eh! I’ll sit this one out.’ It’s a big deal from Latveria, to Wakanda, to New York, and beyond. This is a non-optional fight.”


Donny Cates’ King in Black is shaping up to be a massive conflict of epic proportions that will extend way beyond the expected characters of Venom, Carnage, Dylan, and other symbiote-involved/adjacent Marvel characters. Symbiote dragon armies are no joke, and when billions of them are attacking the globe with that level of force and power at the disposal of someone as evil as Knull (with equally evil intentions), every hero has to answer the call to defend the planet, no matter who they are or what they were previously dealing with.

Donny Cates has been Marvel’s cosmic and symbiote grand master for the last few years, and it definitely feels as though everything he’s done previously for Marvel has been building up to King in BlackKing in Black seems like it will surprise fans in the best ways possible, and its influence on the Marvel Universe at large will be inescapable due to the scope of Knull’s threat. Here’s hoping all of Marvel’s heroes are up to the challenge.

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